Hot mom, a son’s tale of lust and desire for his mom, part 1.

When I was growing up, all of my friends wanted my hot mom.  They’d make me mad with their sexual questions, like man you have got to hook me up with your hot mama.  The most frequently asked question was have you ever seen your mom naked?  My answer to them would be no, come on I’m her son, right?  But what I was really doing was trying to catch a glimpse of her naked as often as possible. My Dad’s been in the service ever since I can remember. Now stationed in the middle east and has been for the last few years. While he’s away, he and my mom Skype nightly.

I hear my mom masturbating in her bedroom, nightly, to my father on Skype.

Drives my cock crazy hearing her groans every night!  I’ll lay in bed stroking my cock while listening to her masturbating herself to my Dad.  Imagining it is me pleasing her pussy as she would like.  My mom’s friends decided, this year, to have a Valentine’s day party, my Dad’s still deployed so mom had to go by herself.

Mom dressed all up in a red form-fitting, low cut, short sleeve dress with black silky, sheer stockings and red heels to match. OMG  my mom is a sultry MILF, I want her so bad.  After she left, I went into her bedroom. I got a pair of her panties and started stroking my cock with them.  I had those panties around my cock, a pair of her dirty panties up against my nose and a red lacy thong in front of my dick to spew my load in.   It was so hot shooting my load in her panties like that! I am so hot for my mom right now, damn she looked hot leaving the house!

When mom arrived home from the party, I could tell she had been drinking.

She goes into her room, gets on the computer and starts Skyping with my dad.  She was telling him all about the awesome night she had and how she missed him for Valentine’s Day and showing how she was dressed for him!

When she shuts the door and I am not ashamed to say but I put my ear right to the door listening to her masturbate pulling my cock out and stroking it hard.  Damn! I’m her son but I still wanted her pussy so bad especially hearing my mom masturbating.  The room got quiet right after their call.  I cracked the door to see what was going on. There was my mom, laying on the bed with her dress hiked up to her waist and her panties pulled to the side showing off her beautiful pussy!  Her hand was down on her pussy and my hard dick started throbbing.

Sneaking into her room, I couldn’t believe I was seeing my mom’s glistening pussy that was showing underneath her panties that she had pulled to the side.

This was too good of an opportunity to pass up not touching her beautiful pussy.  So, I crawled onto her bed and slid up to her pussy my face so close to her pussy I could smell her sweet scent!

If you want to read part 2 of my hot mom story come back on Thursday. Or, check out my audio blog to get the full story!

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