He rammed me over and over

The sex with Mark at the hotel was fucking amazing.  I sucked off his huge cock, swallowing his juices as he came in my mouth.  He rammed me over and over until my pussy could take no more.  We had sex for hours, and it was absolutely amazing.  I didn’t want him to stop fucking me.  And he was more than happy with our sex in that hotel room.  In fact he wanted to get together again the following week.  We arranged to meet again and this time try a few things differently.  I was eager to try something new with Mark.  I felt we had a special connection, if not of the minds, then definitely of the bodies.   The anticipation for Saturday, made getting through the week difficult.


Sexy and Sensual

Once Saturday came, I knew what I would wear something to help make Mark want me even  more.  I wore tight black tights, a white open back, plunging neck white tank top, 4 inch stilettos which made me feel like I could conquer the world.  Again I arrived first and got our room.  I set it up to make is more sensual and sexy.  Rose petals lay softly on the bed, soft sensual music played, and the lights were dimmed, making the room a warm place for a night filled with raw, raging sex.  I wanted to take my time, this time.  To enjoy every inch of his muscular body with the softness of my lips.  Run my wet lips down his neck, across his chest, while caressing the muscles in his back.


His lips and tongue, sucking me over and over

With the knock at the door, I eagerly jumped up and ran to open the door.  Mark hurried in and took no time to grab and hold me in his arms.  His hot breath against my neck and he kissed me passionately.  His hand was firm against my back, while the other began to slowly lower the strap of my top.  I tilted my head back as he ran his lips and tongue down to my titties, sucking each nipple with purpose.  He pushed my tights down and grabbed a tight hold of my ass.  He lifted me up, allowing me to wrap my legs around him.  His huge hard cock was pressed up against my hot wet pussy.  Fuck me please, fuck me so  good.


I hope you have enjoyed reading about my adventure with the sexy online friend and his girl Mia!  Come back for more dirty tales!!

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