Hot for teacher, Lexi boosts her math grades part two

Sitting there on my knees, looking up at Mr. Wyatt, I understood how so many people were hot for teacher. I had shivers running down my spine and straight between my thighs. He pulled me up onto my feet and pushed me back onto his desk. At this point we were merely two animals in heat, no need for words.

I was pawing at his clothes, trying to remove them, but he grabbed my wrists and pinned me on the desk. His hands easily slid up my thighs, under the hem of my dress and hooked onto the waistband of my panties. Before I knew it, they were ripped off of me and my legs were spread wide.

At first I thought he was going to go straight to the main event, but to my surprise, he kneeled down and devoured my pussy with his whole mouth. It was like something snapped in him, and my provocation’s made him lose all sense of control.

The situation was so damn hot that I couldn’t help but cry out for him.

I begged him to fuck me, I begged for his cock. Despite being such a strict teacher, he obliged my every whim. He stood back up and lined his head up against my entrance. The look he gave me was all predatory satisfaction. I barely had a moment to question whether I could have been getting ahead of myself before he thrust inside of me.

It felt like all the air rushed out of my lungs. I was so completely full to the brim that my back arched up off the desk. He didn’t give me a moment’s rest. Thrusting hard and fast he ravaged me. My nails dug into his arms, my moans started to get loud. So he just covered my mouth with his own, swallowing every noise I made.

I could feel the pressure building in my core with each wild thrust of his hips. My moans kept getting louder, more frantic. But that didn’t stop him. He swallowed it all, going even harder and faster on me. He knew I was about to cum, but he never missed a beat.

When it finally happened, my vision went black around the edges. My whole body trembled, and my pussy clamped so hard on his cock he couldn’t move it for a few moments. But once my orgasm started to subside, he began again.

He wasn’t finished, and we weren’t done until he was finished. It wouldn’t take much, I could tell by the fact that his cock had swelled, and was twitching inside me. And I was right… After another couple minutes, he pulled his cock out and pushed me onto the floor again. A moment later there was cum spurting all over my face.

I was a good girl, and took his load. Even patiently waited for him to catch his breath before asking. “So, I take it I’m passing Geometry?”

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