Hot for teacher, Lexi boosts her math grades part one

I have a secret… I’ve never been all that good at math. My strongpoints are English and science, but math is always a requirement. To be perfectly honest, I haven’t learned anything beyond basic algebra. Want to know how I got away with it? Well I got hot for teacher of course…

There’s a tried and true trick to it really… I’d simply wait until the end of school and go to my math teacher’s room. Let me tell you all about the first time I made my special arrangement with the math teacher…

It was maybe three weeks after midterms when Mr. Wyatt took me aside and tole me I was failing, and unlikely to pass the semester. At first, I did the normal thing. I asked if there was anyway to retake a test or do some extra credit work. But Mr. Wyatt was a strict teacher. He didn’t offer retakes or extra credit. The grade you have is the one you earn in his class.

So I had to get crafty. We were alone in his classroom, final bell had rung, and all the students were heading home. So I decided to take a risk. I took a step closer to him and placed my hand on his chest. Looking up through my lashes, I gave him my best flirty smile.

“Are you sure there’s nothing I could do to improve my grade…?” I had asked. He sputtered and protested weakly, but I just pushed him back until he ended up with his back against the wall. I knew from his actions that all his blood had rushed down to his groin. A teacher in his right mind would never get naughty with a student.

Thankfully this hard-ass teacher was a closet pervert…

It made it really easy to just slide down onto my knees and unbuckle his belt. The button and zipper were next, and all he did was watch in rapt fascination. I pulled out his cock and smirked when I saw how stiff he was. Not only that, but he was leaking precum and I’d barely touched him so far!

I chuckled, letting my tongue lap up the bead forming on his head and reveled as I heard him gasp. I had him right where I wanted him. My lips wrapped around his head and I suckedĀ hard. Bobbing up and down on his cock, I sucked hard enough to make my cheeks hollow.

I took him deep down my throat until I was choking and gagging on his shaft. Saliva was dripping from my lips and down my chin. It was almost like I was in a dick sucking trance. But he eventually grabbed hold of my hair and pulled me off. When I looked up into his eyes, I knew why…

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