Homewrecking Phone Sex! Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have your whole world ruined by a hot young little Home-Wrecker? How it would feel to have your world totally turned upside down in the blink of an eye? With nothing to go on but a few fleeting moments on the phone?

My goal is to talk to you and make you totally mesmerized by how well we mesh. On the phone, you feel like you’re falling in love with me. Then to fuel that fire and make you actually commit to everything that it is I want from you. While your poor wife goes on living her unsuspecting life. 

Furthermore, the whole time her husband is crawling in bed with a barely legal homewrecking princess. 

Laying down at night with thoughts of me, while she sits there being your dutiful wife. In name only, little does she know that you’re being securely wrapped around my finger with each passing day. 

Could you imagine that fluttering butterfly feeling again in your stomach? The feeling of anxiety waiting for a simple message back? Most importantly, do you know how it would feel to know that you’re actually wanted again? That someone is actually wanting to speak to you and hear about your day? 

You know, the things your wife stopped doing years ago? Opening you up to be manipulated by a sweet little homewrecking phone sex princess. Although, It’s her fault that you’re here. That you’re looking to have your life totally ruined!

You’re missing something, and me being the Little Homewrecking Princess I am, I can fix that! 

I can give you exactly what you need, and make you totally fall in love and just keep wanting more. All of those feelings and needs you have that have been unfulfilled are about to finally be satiated.

Meanwhile, Just think about it. You’re laying there in bed next to your wife, she’s asleep curled up on a pillow or on the other side of the bed. Your cock is rock hard, and all of a sudden your phone goes off! Just think of the feelings you would have! More so knowing that as soon as you picked up your phone you already know, I will be there waiting for you. 

Think of how thrilling it would be to lay there next to her, stroking your cock for me as you send me her money. Or as you give me her attention. Likewise, She doesn’t deserve it! However, What does she do for you anymore?

NOTHING! That’s why you need a barely legal homewrecking princess! 

However, Let me give you everything you’ve been needing and SO MUCH MORE!  So, go ahead, pick up that phone, or email me! You could even add me on skype! Just make the first step towards the demise of your world as you know it! 

So, Let me give you everything you’ve been missing and show you how it feels to ACTUALLY be wanted!

So, If you dare. 



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