Stranger Sex-Hitchhiker-Part 2


He then asked me to lean over and put it in my mouth, I said “ok” and turned towards him and leaned down. Slowly putting my mouth around his cock, I heard him make noise for me. I made my lips so tight for him and he got even louder. There was a point I realized it was turning me on and I wanted to fuck this man. Still sucking on his hard dick, I used my hand to stroke the base and got really into it. Making it dripping wet, I could tell he was getting close to Cumming, but I was not finished with him yet. So I stopped. Asking me why I didn’t keep going, I started taking off my jacket. Then my shoes and my pants next. Once he realized what I was doing, he looked very interested in what was coming next.

Sex with a stranger

“oh yeah baby, you want this cock?” he said. Responding with “fuck yeah I want it!”. Now with no pants on and just in my tight shirt, I put my leg over his lap and started grinding my pussy up and down his shaft. Pulling me in really fast, he started kissing me. I was not expecting that. But did he ever like it, so I kissed him back real hard. I sat up a bit and put his cock in me. I started riding it, bouncing on it. It was so hot and he loved it. I knew I felt so good to him as he had a pretty big dick and my pussy was tight around it. Riding up and down on him, I bounced so good it was like my pussy was sucking his cock.

He kept saying “holy fuck, you’re amazing, I cant believe I’m fucking such a cute girl.” He pulled me in tight, kissed me and came in me while moaning with our mouths together. So fucking hot and I felt him fill me up with every last drop. Once he was finished I went to get off of his lap and he grabbed my hips and held me on him. He said “I’m not done with you”.

I smiled and started grinding on him again, I noticed he was still hard for me.

My hand went down to my pussy and I started rubbing my clit while working my hips on him. “Oh yeah baby, rub that sweet little pussy on my cock” he said. I kept bouncing my ass up and down while rubbing and got closer and closer to Cumming. “I’m gonna cum” I said, he started to moan again so I came hard for him and squeezed him so tight. He also came again and at the same time, It was fucking sexy. I loved every minute of it!

Pleasing a stranger in such a way, was something I’ve always found very erotic, especially at such a young age. I knew I was something special that he would never forget. Once we were finished he drove me back to town where my friends had all been waiting. Before I got out of the truck he told me he hopes I know how amazing, cute and special I was. Wishing me a Merry Christmas, He then handed me the cash he had promised.


I hope you enjoyed my story of the stranger who picked me up. If you missed part 1, you can find it here.

To listen to Stranger Sex in audio recorded by my sexy voice, Click here to listen.

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