The thing I adore about my man is that he knows that he’s sexy and he’s never been afraid of showing it off. And his thick dick turns me on so much! That’s not true of many men. It’s not their fault—they live in a society that tells them ‘sexy’ equals ‘tits’. A society that rarely allows space and time for women like me to wax lyrical about the beauty of men’s bodies. I don’t think I’ve ever met a man as confident in his attributes as his cock and thighs and hands and forearms and oh, everything that makes me squirmy.

 He knows.

 Partly because I’ve told him, but partly because he’s blessed with the kind of confidence that means he doesn’t hide himself behind a bath towel. Let alone avoid his own reflection in a mirror. It’s not a cockiness born of macho one-upmanship in the gym, but a measured faith in his ability to use what he has for consensual gratification. He is hot, and he knows it, and what’s more, he understands how to work it. I asked him if he’d video a show for me, even my own overactive lustful imagination could never have come up with something so stunning and hot. It sounded straightforward enough—a tug in the shower. But those five words couldn’t hope to do justice to it, the most perfect solo masturbation show I have ever seen in my life.

He began by stranding topless in front of the mirror in the bathroom.

It is a full length mirror that showed off his taut body to perfection. No need to crane your neck to get a glimpse of those beautiful dips just above the muscles on his hips, or appreciate the view of his strong neck and shoulders or the way he gently smiles at himself while he flexes his pecs. It’s all there on display—a smorgasbord of power and beauty and bare skin. He’s wearing jeans and a belt. A big, thick belt that somehow enhances the whole effect, hinting at the fatness of the cock that is already beginning to swell beneath the denim.

He moves his hands to the buckle of the belt.

He opens it and his fly at the same time, in a practiced gesture that echoes the way he strips when I’m spread open and naked in front of him. Those fingers that have  given me so much pleasure, employed to do something as humdrum and every day as undoing his fly, turn even that tiny task into something that’s full of sexual promise. When he reveals his underwear, the band is thick and fat too, just like his belt and his dick. I don’t need to consciously search for the thick outline of it against the fabric, it’s already so there. For a fleeting, brief moment I wish this wasn’t on screen.

 His cock turns me on so much! 

 I really wish I was in the room with him to take that gorgeous dick into my mouth.   But no, that would be a waste of the whole performance. And it is a performance, at this stage at least. He smiles as  he preens in front of the mirror. He was twitching his pecs and rubbed moisturizer into the soft skin of his chest. It was clear to me that he was delighted by the idea of an audience. Perhaps he was grinning to himself  because he already knew with certainty just how grateful his audience would be. And I was.  He milked every drop of the view so I could really luxuriate in it: what a good boy. What a treat. 

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