He’s Sexy and He Tows It.

I needed him to know how much I appreciated what he had done for me. Chivalry isn’t dead, you just have to find the right guy! If you’re the right guy, maybe you’ll be lucky enough to get this kind of a thank you! I squeeze that cock until I couldn’t stand it anymore.  Then very gently and slowly, I moved my face down to his crotch. He was mumbling, talking about how happy he was that he picked up this damsel in distress! Almost speaking in tongues and then my tongue touched that sensitive tip of his thick pink head. My lips wrapped right around it and I sucked it as far back into my mouth as I could get it. My god it felt so good. I couldn’t stop sucking it and playing with the tip of my tongue. Swirling it around in my mouth, feeling him hold it against my lips was more than I could handle.  He couldn’t handle it either. I took his hand as he was trying to keep one hand on the steering wheel. All the while, the other one he was trying not to push my head down. It was so sweet and so cute but I wanted that cock in my throat and I reached up and I grabbed his hand. Placing it on the back of my head, he pushed me all the way down that dick. As you can suspect, I took it all the way down my throat.  I swallowed hard because I was hungry for fat cock!

I took my sweet time!

Slurping and dragging my lips and swirling my tongue, I made sure I was sucking just a little bit harder every time. I wanted him to really enjoy my mouth while I was enjoying his rod in my mouth. It didn’t take long as he was worked up and let’s face it I’ve never had any complaints! I sucked it and I sucked it until I could hear him moaning. Oh my God! Sure enough he shot a huge chunky load of cum all the way down my throat!  Swallowing it all from what I could taste because it was going directly down my throat and it tasted delicious! I noticed that we were right around the corner from my house. Sitting back in my seat, I put his soft cock back in his pants. Looking at him, I said,  “I really appreciate you picking me up today. I don’t know what I would have down on this side of the road with my car broken down like that. I probably would have been murdered. Thank you so much for rescuing me!” As he laughed, he said “Thank you so much for your appreciation! Maybe next time I can give you a real ride!” 

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