Heels Fetish Finding, a new pair Fuck Me heels to feel better- Part 2

Here is the second part of my Heels Fetish story. I unbuttoned his shirt as he slid his hand under my blouse. His warm hand slid under my bra and cupped my breast firmly. As I undid the final button on his shirt, his fingers began twisting my nipple. Instantly, my body wanted to cum. I pulled my skirt up around my hips and together with him, I grabbed his hand, removing it from my hard nipple. I forcefully placed his hand on my pussy, demanding in a whisper, “Make me cum!”

His eyes met mine. “Oh, I will, baby. Many times. Are you ready?” He had barely finished speaking before his finger was dancing on my love button. My hips moved to grind against him, pressing into his hand.

My breath came in short gasps as I tilted my head back and moaned softly. I moaned softly out of fear of being heard by someone outside the storeroom. I didn’t want to get caught and have this end.

Joey had a shit-eating grin on his face when I glanced at him.

He slid his fingers in me and found my G-spot instantly. He went to town, and then after a short time, my body began to quiver. My body tight with anticipation, I came, my pussy gushing with pure pleasure, cum leaking everywhere. Cum dribbled all over Joey’s hand, his arm, the floor, the black leather shoes. I let out a low sound thus I’m sure everyone in that store could hear. I came so as a result, I shook. My body had never done that. I blushed and begged for his cock at the same time.

Joey could tell that I had never squirted before. Shamelessly his husky voice in my ear asked, “Did you enjoy that? Did you enjoy me? Do you want more?”

“YES! YES! YES!” I screamed, subsequently forgetting my fear of being heard. I turned around, bent over, and grabbed my ankles, exposing my ass and pussy to his appreciative gaze. As I grabbed my ankles, I could feel my warm cum on them. I swiped my finger in the cum and sucked it between my lips, tasting myself as Joey aimed his cock at my pussy. I ran my hands up and down the studs on my new heels; of course, I had to buy them now. Every time I wore them, I’d recall this amazing orgasm and also this experience with him. I reached the final stud on the heel, I felt the thick tip of his cock enter me. We moaned in sync with each other.

God, he was thick.

“You’re so tight and warm,” he crooned at me. He increased his pace as my muscles started to wrap around his manhood and pulsate. This time, I was not embarrassed by my body’s reaction. I loved hearing his chuckle, proud of himself, and how he made me feel.

Joey grabbed a handful of my hair, thus pulling me upright, my back against his chest. “I’m going to leave you a present” he chuckled.

“I want you to cum in me, to drip out of me, down my legs, and around our shoes,” I breathed. With this in mind, these pumps were now a representation of him and I and the moment we shared.

“Oh fuck!!” he increased his pace for a moment, only to slow to a throb and spill his juice deep in my pussy.

When he pulled out of me, I turned and fell to my knees. I took him in my mouth to clean up the mess from us that covered his cock. I ravaged him slowly, however keeping in mind his sensitivity. This was heaven, tasting my sweetness mixed with the salt that was him. As I finished, I flexed my toes inside the pumps in excitement.

I stood and adjusted my skirt while Joey buttoned himself up. He glanced my way, “Go, enjoy your day!”

I looked at him, puzzled.

He nodded back, indicating I should just go. “You sure?” I mouthed back.

As we finished putting ourselves back together, another employee walked in, “Hi!” he waved.

Joey waved his hand in my direction. “She’s from another department. She was here to help out today”

I don’t know if he bought the story or not. I grabbed my shoes, adjusted my hair, and left the store, obviously, with the biggest grin on my face. My day had greatly improved. Maybe having this type of attitude adjustment would make bad days for Kenzie more hopeful when everything was going wrong. Thus, I have a bigger fixation on shoes, more than ever now after that heels fetish experience. 


To Be Continued…

Enjoying part two, if you really want to know the build-up and foreplay go back and read Part One.

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