Heels Fetish Finding, a new pair Fuck Me heels to feel better- Part 1

Ugh…. Have you ever had one of those days where everything that can possibly go wrong, does?  Maybe two of those days in a row? Coffee spilled on a light-colored shirt, keys locked in the car, coupled with no internet service at work, nothing working as it should, that’s been my luck these past few days. Despite it not being catastrophic, just enough to put me on edge, my anxiety simmering like a pot of water left on the stove. Today, I decided I’d had enough and was going to take back my day. Opting for some retail therapy at the mall, I wasn’t quite sure what I should treat myself to. However, buying shoes was not something I wanted to do, albeit, knowing I already own a hundred pairs, I was prepared to buy more.  

I grabbed a bite to eat and something to drink in the food court before perusing the department stores.

My eyes wandered over various things, clothes, jewelry, the men’s section finally settling on the shoe department. My feet seemed to carry me in that direction of their own accord. Clearly, my inner Kenzie needed some new shoes. Quite some time since I last added something to my wardrobe or attended an event where I needed something new. I perked up at the idea of something new on my feet, but maybe something to show off my latest pedicure. I wandered around the tables, running my fingertips along with the soft white tablecloths, pausing here and there to fondle a pair of shoes on display. 

At that moment my knees weakened when I spotted the heels near the storeroom.

There were heels of all kinds; blingy, shiny, strappy, sequins, studs, dainty little chains. My breath hitched slightly as I admired the craftsmanship of a pair of black patent leather shoes with studded heels. I could practically hear this pair screaming my name. Appearing out of nowhere, a stockboy, or associate as they are respectfully called. “Would you like to try any of these on, ma’am?” Three pairs were picked out and handed them to him without even looking up, “Yes, size 7 please.” And while he was fetching the shoes from the storeroom for me, I found a comfortable place to sit. I smoothed my gray linen skirt over my thighs as I sat down, tucking the edges of the pencil skirt under me. 

Surprisingly, really how long could it take to find 3 pairs of shoes? I fiddled with the lace at the edge of my shirt excited to try on the shoes I’d selected.  And to clarify, I’d worn flats to walk to the mall but heels would be the perfect finish to my outfit when I left. “Here you are ma’am, which would you like to try first? My name is Joey and I’d love to help you try all of these on today.”

His eager voice pulled me from my daydreams of strappy heels, and I looked at him for the first time.

Holy hell. His blue eyes pierced me to my core. His body looked like it was chiseled from stone, ink-covered his arms from his wrists, running up under the sleeves of his uniform. My body went into full-tilt and lusty overdrive. My nipples stiffened, hard points pressing against my blouse. Blood then swirled, rushing straight to my clit, as a result of this, now swollen and begging for attention.

At that moment my skin felt electric, anticipating Joey’s touch.

My teeth sank slowly into my lower lip, and that gave away how badly I wanted this man. I smiled shyly at him, together with releasing my lip, in that moment his smirk telling me my desire was not only read loud and clear but returned.

Joey gently grasped my left ankle and slid my foot out of the leather sandal.

His grip was firm, yet soft enough that I could wiggle and help shed the sandal. He then slipped one of those small pieces of pantyhose onto my foot, caressing my toes and never breaking eye contact with me. I could feel my pussy dripping, just at the opening of my crease, drooling for him to pay her some attention. I lifted my heel to his left shoulder, my leg crossing my body, hiding my pussy’s excitement, just in case he noticed.

As he removed the new shoes from the box, he acknowledged my foot placement with a smirk.

He removed my foot from his shoulder and placed the beautiful patent leather shoe with the spike-studded heel on it. An excited giggle escaped my pink lips as he caressed each foot before sliding the shoe on. With both shoes on, he offered me his hand and helped me stand. He led me to a full-length mirror, “Now you can get the whole effect.”

Joey’s voice dropped to a husky whisper, “With my heels fetish, I’m imagining fucking you in those shoes”

To Be Continued…

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