Head Games: Sex with Therapist Part- 1

Have ever sex with a therapist? You know how doctor are suppose to heal. Fix every broken bone, wound or organ. Sometimes you need to see a head doctor, to examine you’re mind. When the head our firm dead died we were instructed to go to mandatory 10 hours of grief counseling either in group or private sessions. I decided to have some private session with recommended physiologist. Tall, dark haired and devilish handsome, wearing a three Italian expensive suit and shoes. Sitting on an black leather couch while he sat across from he sat in a chair, divide by wooden coffee table . The first day I had appointment was after work. Still dressed from directly from work looking like what most guys call a sexy librarian. We spent the first 5 minutes discussing how although I have need been to therapy before I felt I did not need it.

Spending another 5 sizing each other up I can see he wasn’t just going to sign my papers for clearance and let me skip the 10 hours. Me looking at him from lips to full face to dick. Him clearly eyes traveling from lips to breast to vagina made him curious of my internal conversation. Again I told him I really didn’t need therapy since our district head I really didn’t know that well. To break the silence he asked me am I grieving my boss at all. I told him no because I barely knew the man and a lot of people were not a big fan of him. Then he asked me how I feel about people in authority? I asked him what he means by that people in authority like dominant? He said well are you ever seen a submissive from your personality seems quite fiery?

Of course I do.

He made my mouth water. I said I submit when properly dominated. Unbuttoning my shirt two more buttons I crossed my legs so he can see my red thong panties. Staring me dead in the eyes he said, “I bet you will submit to me. Have you been mind fucked?” I told him “I’ve fucked with men minds before. Played mind games with there desires as it were.” The sexual tension built as we stared each other intensely. I can tell he was undressing me with his eyes. Trying to figure out where my happy, sexually, sensual parts are as I was him. Rapid fire questions between us about intimacy, passion and relationships in ensured. Is there a different between fucking intimacy for you? How often are you intimate on a scale of 1 to 10? How often do you have sex? Do you make love or just fuck?

Are you a sensual person or you can see yourself a sexual person? Are you naturally dominant when it comes to weaker men? How do you like to be touched when you’re horny? What is the strangest part of your body that turns you on? What is your preferred body part on a woman/man? Answering all questions quickly and efficiently the sexual tension became to much. I walked up to his chair ever so slowly and got on my knees. Unzipping his pants with my manicured nails. Taking out his huge penis my mouth watered and eye grew big….


I hope you enjoy sex with my therapist blog come back on Friday to hear the rest. If you can’t wait till Friday you can purchase my audio version of this blog. Check out at sexy stories at here

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