Foot Fetish.

He has a foot fetish. Undress for me I told him. He continued kissing and licking and rubbing my feet. I told you to undress for me. I won’t take no for an answer. You will do as you are told.

Then I pushed my foot into his crotch and pinched his hard cock through his pants. That got his attention and he jumped. I said undress for me.

He shook his head, yes and I loosened my grip on him.

He took off his shirt, shoes, socks, and pants and stood in front of me in his boxers.

The head of his cock was peeking out the top. It was shiny too, just like I wanted.

Don’t stop there, I said undress.

He slowly pulled down his boxers and stood before me. His cock was hard as a rock and his balls were swollen.

He looked at the ground. Look at me I told him. Raise your head and look at me. He did as he was told.

Foot Fetish.

Very nice. Now I see your dick is aching for attention, isn’t it? Then he shook his head yes. I bet you would like it if my feet gave it some attention, wouldn’t you?
He nodded his head yes and his cock leaked. I took his hand and led him to the basement. We entered the room and as the lights turned on, he saw all my toys.
Whips, paddles, restraints, butt plugs, and more. He seemed a little scared, but I gently stroked his cock to ease him.

You see, my love I am offering you a deal. A condition of type. I feel you would make a marvelous addition to my list of slaves.

You will submit to me; I will own you and you will obey. Anything and everything I ask of you will be performed. You will never tell me no. On that condition, I will allow you full access to my feet for a certain amount of time. You can rub, suck, lick and kiss them for hours. Would this be something you would like? Would you be willing to give yourself completely to me?

Let me give you something to think about love. I lead you to the couch and lay you against the side.

Now relax.

I take my feet and begin to rub your inner thighs. Then I rub your swollen balls. Then I take the arches and rub across your wet cock.

Using your cum as lube I start fucking you with my perfect feet. Don’t touch I order. Lay there still and watch. Enjoy.

I rub and stroke you and make love to your swollen dick with my feet. Would you like to cum baby? You shake your head yes. I rub harder and fast. Submit to me? You shake your head yes.

I go up and down one more time and you squirt your load all over my feet. Your body shakes as I milk every last drop from your balls.

Look how lovely they look. My perfect feet are covered with your sperm. Now clean them for me…. Get every last drop.

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