Foot Fetish

He has a foot fetish.  In fact, I could tell the minute he looked at my perfectly pedicured feet.

It was a first date, a Tinder hookup. He was cute, had a good job, and seemed sweet. We met at the local bar for a drink and appetizers. This is where it began. But it will end much differently.
I seem sweet and nice and a little naive but I am NOT. I am a paid mistress/fetish expert on the side. But occasionally, and I say occasionally, I find a man in the wild. One who doesn’t come for me for play. One that is so perfect that I take him without him even knowing. I take him to mold. To make him my play toy.

However, that takes a little work. The art of making one want what you coax them to is a gift. A gift that I cherish.

So back to the date. I watched how he moved and how he talked and how he looked at me. I found him constantly looking at my feet. Not my chest, not my legs, not my face or hair BUT my feet.
I smiled; I love a good fetish guy. So, I started to play into his fetish. Subtly of course. Moving my sandal-covered feet towards him. Crossing my legs and bouncing my foot up and down. He watched intently.

All eyes on my toes.

I let this go on for a while. Strategically moving my feet in his view. Even casually taking my sandal off and rubbing my feet. Telling him that sometimes my feet get so sore. His eyes lit up and he reached for them. Normally, I would jump and stop anyone that did such a thing. But him? No way was I going to stop. My intentions with him were to own him. Make him my slave, make him my little pet.

I let him rub my arches and heels and even the balls of my feet. Then I told him how good that felt and even moaned a little with each stroke of his hand.

He was lost now. No longer paying any attention to me.

The only thing that mattered was my feet.

It was getting late and as I put my feet back into my sandals I leaned over and whispered to him. “Would you like to come home with me and worship my feet?”

Stuttering and gasping he shook his head yes. However, no words were even uttered from his mouth. I smiled as I took his hand and led him to my car.

Now, get in and buckle up baby it is about to be a hell of a ride.

We arrived at my home, and I unlocked the door. Not wanting to push him too far just yet we sat on the couch. I told him to remove my sandals. He did. Then I told him to clean my feet, with his tongue.

He held my foot and licked from the heel to the toes and then he started to suck each toe. I let him continue for a long time. Then I noticed the bulge in his pants and the gleam in his eye.
Now undress for me……

I hope you have enjoyed reading part 1 of my He Has a Foot Fetish – Part 1 blog. Please come back on Thursday to hear part 2. If you can’t wait until Thursday then you can purchase my audio blog and hear this story in my sexy voice.

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