Then, I puffed, powdered and lathered pretty makeup all over his face; lipstick, mascara, and even hot pink blush. 

I admired my handy work with pure glee. He really looked like the dirty little fag maid I had pictured in my mind! His  reveal was one of my favorite parts of his hardcore sissy training session. But because he looked the part, doesn’t mean he was ready to play the part.  He was not quite ready for his real training yet. First, in order to be a real sissified bitch, he needed to be locked away from his manhood.  So, I brought out a little pink cock cage for his baby fag cock to truly sissify him. His face went pale when I stuffed his little pink stump into that tiny cage. With the key held on a string around his mother’s neck, he was now ready! Nick’s parents were so happy to see him all locked up! His mother giggled so much at the pitiful sight of his cock in that teeny pink cage.

The only thing he had left was his wee boy pussy for his step-father to cum in!

I promised to make him the perfect sissy after all with my hardcore sissy training! And now it was time to get him really warmed up and excited for daddy. Viciously teasing is one of my specialties, as a matter of fact. I rubbed my dainty hand all over his caged cock and tickled his balls until I could see his little pathetic faggy cock swell inside. His pathetic dicklet dribbled thick globs of precum through his caged walls. And that was when I knew he was ready to begin! First, I had him on all fours while his well-hung step-dad got his cock rock hard and ready to ram his boy pussy! In just 3-2-1, his step-father was balls deep inside of him! I made sure to spank and whip his ass while the little sissy bitch squealed in pain. 

Nothing makes me hotter than hearing a sissy squeal like a pig!

Once the pain subsided though, he began to moan. They all end up enjoying a little bit of pain. He groaned and begged to be fucked like a little slut. His step-father gripped his face and roughly slammed his cock deep inside his mouth, turning his moans into harsh gags! And once his cock was soaking in Nick’s drool, I had him fuck his tight little boy pussy! I had Nick bent over his mom’s fancy coffee table and made his step-father grip his hips and slam his cock deep inside his little sissy step-son! By the time I was through with him, Nick was begging for more hardcore sissy training sessions and he clearly enjoyed himself like a good little faggy.


Do you want to know how I was called to train Nick, check out part 1 first! Also, be sure to check out my audio page for the raunchier audio version of this blog.

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