Happy Valentine’s Day Ariel! – Part 2

“Mmm yes please!” I say getting on top of her, grabbing the handcuffs I got her for Valentine’s Day in the process.

While I’m kissing her I grab her wrist and snap on one of the handcuffs.

Ariel pulls from the kiss. “What? Oh no! It’s me your putting the handcuffs on!” she exclaims as I wrap the other handcuff around the bedpost and latch her other wrist in it. I tug on it a bit to make sure she’s secure.

Sliding my tongue down her body, I suck on her nipple, giving it a slight nibble. Hearing her gasp and moan under my little touches makes me smile and I slide my hand over to grab the dildo as I spread open her legs. Excitedly I shove the pink half inside her, making her moan out in full-blown pleasure. 

“Oh, God!” She sighs out.

I position myself to where I’m sitting practically on top of her and insert the other half of the dildo inside me. Biting my lip to try and not show how much I’m really enjoying this. Ariel giggles underneath and I can feel her vibrations course through me with the double-sided toy. 

“What?” I ask smirking at her.

“You should see your face. That’s so fucking hot.” She moans.

“Oh really?” I start moving and she throws her head back enjoying the pleasure. “I hope you like your Valentine’s gifts”

It was an incredible feeling. I could feel her tighten and relax with every little thrust. I lean over and start sucking her nipples.

“Oh fuck Chloe!” She starts panting as heavily as I am myself.

Sparks were shooting through me as the glass toy hits a spot that makes me lose my breath. I start moving faster and faster. Both of our hips are in perfect sync, making it that much more pleasurable.

“Oh god, Chloe…I can’t….”

I moan in her ear. “Hang on I’m almost there.” I groan back to her. 

I straighten myself and grab her knees to help hoist me up and I started pounding into her. My thrusts moving the toy inside me.

“Oh fuck..oh!” Her sentences start breaking up and my body starts tensing up.

Suddenly I start moving in just the right way and it makes me lose my senses completely. That one perfect spot, that makes my entire body become filled with ecstasy. I felt Ariel’s body change dramatically and realize she’s about to orgasm. Like a timer, my body clenches every muscle.

“Oh Ariel, oh fuck..fuck..fuc-” and just like that, I climaxed so hard my body was shaking.

In turn, Ariel’s back arches and she screams out in pleasure. Little beads of sweat glistening on both our bodies. I pull out the dildo from both of us and unlatch the handcuffs. Eagerly I fall on top of her chest breathing heavily.

“Next time…I’m on top,” she teases and I could help but softly laugh. 

I look up into her beautiful eyes that mesmerize me every time and place a kiss on her lips.

“I look forward to it,” I whispered. “Happy Valentine’s Day Ariel.”

Check out Ariel’s blog about our Valentine’s Day Date. Or get my Audio to hear all the fun from me!

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