Hair Fetish With My Long, Thick Tresses HEA – A – 0005 Part 1


So, just to be clear, I don’t think a hair fetish is all that weird because, for me, my hair is a fetish. I love my hair, and I’ve been growing it for years. It’s so thick and beautiful, and I don’t know if I could cut it. In early civilizations, the belief was the longer your hair, the more power you possessed. My hair does make me feel powerful. The feel of my locks cascading down my back is sensual and sexy. My hair almost reaches my bubble butt. It’s thick, soft, and well-kept. It feels so satisfying when I run my fingers through it. I love having it played with, and sometimes it can turn me on.

It feels so amazing if I’m laying in your lap, and you reach down and thread your fingers through my tresses. The feeling makes my head tingle. You know the rule, what comes up must go down, right? If done correctly, that tingle can travel down my body, make my nipples harden, and dampen my pussy. Start at my scalp, give it a few strokes with your fingers, then slide your fingers down the length of my hair. Or, take my tresses in your hands and lightly tug on them. You can brush and style my hair any way you like. My hair is naturally wavey, so you could curl or straighten it to your heart’s desire. Speaking of curling, I’d love to use your hard cock as a curler for my hair.

Just wrap my silky hair around it and squeeze it gently. Or, use it to stroke you.

Let me swirl my locks around that hard cock. I want to brush the tips against your head like a feather tickling your skin. This is perfect for sensory play. Our playtime would start with me walking into the room. I already know what I want, and I know just how to get it. I’d stand leaning against the wall with my hair splayed against it. Using a finger, I’d take the end and twirl it around my fingers. As I do this, I would look at you with that twinkle that says, “Come get it.” Then I pull my hair to one side to cover the lower half of my face. Releasing my tresses slowly, I let them fall down my chest.

You can’t resist the temptation. Let me start at your neck. I want to tickle the hollow of where your neck meets your shoulder. Feel my tresses slide down your chest; maybe I’ll even use them to tickle your nipples. I like watching goosebumps rise after my hair glides over your skin. Leaning over you and let my locks drape down over your body. Let me crawl down your body and drag my mane as I go. When I get to that pulsing, throbbing cock I want to wrap my mouth around it. While I suck on your shaft, I take my tresses and gently move them over your balls. They feel so soft against the extra sensitive skin, and they send tingles up to your cock. You’re already so close to cumming, but it’s not time. I’m not done teasing you with my locks.

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