Hair Fetish With My Long, Thick Tresses HEA – A – 0005-05-08-2023 Part 2

Where we left off, I had my tresses splayed around you while giving you head. Intertwine your fingers in my hair while my head bobs up and down. Tug on it, pull it, then let it go so you can watch and feel it cascade around your belly, hips, and thighs. When I’m finished sucking your cock, I tilt my head and gaze at you through the waterfall covering my face. As I crawl back up your body, the tips of my hair slide against your wet cock and balls, making it slightly damp.

As I kiss you, you can feel and smell my hair. It tumbles around us like a curtain, trapping the fragrance inside our little bubble. Teasingly, I take some of my hair and drag it across your lips. You eagerly open your mouth to taste it. I lean down a little more so we can kiss with the strands of my hair between our lips and tongues. Once wet enough, I use it to brush your cheek, much like an artist uses a paintbrush. The excitement you feel turns me on so much. My pussy is so wet that it easily takes in your cock as I sit on top of you.

I work my hips up and down, enjoying the feel of both your cock and your breath, making my hair flutter. 

My pussy tightens as I groan out your name. The orgasm starts building in my belly as your cock throbs with the need to cum. But I must cum first, and then you can have your release. When I finally cum, my juices drench your cock, balls, and entire groin area. Before the feel of my orgasm can make you cum, I slip off of you so that I can bring my face and my hair close to your cock. I wrap my locks around your cock. My pussy juices and your precum soak into it as I hold you in my hands. I jerk you off with my hair between my hand and your shaft.

I watch your eyes fixate on my hair, completely entranced by everything. Your moans of pleasure wash over me, and I’m already getting wet again. Your hips buck while your cum shoots out of your tip. That milky white satisfaction coats it in an arc. Cum is so good for hair, you know? Now that I’m all dirty, it’s time for us to shower together. I want you to wash my hair with your favorite shampoo and conditioner. And, while we’re in there together, what’s to say we can’t have more fun? What hair fetish fantasy do you have? Give me a call and let me know. I can’t wait to play with you!

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