Hailey’s Night as a Naughty Nurse (Quarantine Confessions) – Part 2

If you remember from last time, I decided to be really daring and sneak into the hospital dressed up as a sexy naughty nurse to make someone’s night a bit more fun. I found a victim and I made my way to him, and had him right where I wanted him.

Shocked, and a bit taken aback by me, he could tell I really wasn’t there to give him an exam. Or was I?

I gave him a sweet smile, and asked why he was here. He said, he wasn’t feeling all that great, and needed some medicine. Being clever and cute like I was, I walked over to him, moving closer, and planting a small kiss on his lips. Just lay back and relax, I told him,  and I would give him all of the medicine he needs.

I wanted to examine each part of him, just drive him wild, and make him go crazy.  As I began to undress him,  he laid back on the examiner’s table. Then, I started running my hands over his body, touching and caressing his skin. I planted kisses all the way down his body. Making him feel just amazing and refreshed. I got in between his legs and took his cock into my mouth.

Starting at the very top, I slowly inched it down my throat, filling me.

I could tell this man was a bit weak, but also really turned on. I just didn’t know where I wanted to take things from here. He couldn’t do much, so I decided to just take his cock, and throat fuck my mouth with every inch. I made his cock fuck me faster, and faster, until he was ready to shoot out his load. Pouring into my mouth, I swallowed every drop of cum.  I made him feel so much better than any of these doctors and nurses ever could.

After swallowing his load, I started to feel him up with my hands, including getting his cock hard again. I felt like only cumming once just wasn’t enough. I’ve always wanted to fuck in a hospital anyway.

His cock began to get hard again, so at that moment, I straddled him. I started riding his 7-inch cock, making him go deep and fast. This went on for about 20 minutes, with me doing most of the work of course. Guiding his cock into my pussy, even slipping it into my ass a few times, I made him pleasure and please me.

Being his naughty nurse was so hot!

We were both really enjoying ourselves, as we heard the door begin to turn open. At that moment, I knew we were fucked and were about to get caught. Embarrassed, we scrambled to get our clothes back on. I put my nurse scrubs back on, so I could try and play this off.

All of a sudden, the door opened! You aren’t going to believe what happened next!

I hope you enjoyed my naughty nurse blog.  Don’t worry there’s more where that came from! I’ll be continuing this story next week!

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