Hailey’s Night as a Naughty Nurse (Quarantine Confessions) – Part 1

Hello everyone. I am back with another addition to my quarantine confessions series. I know you guys have been loving them, and I am super excited to share this naughty nurse story with you.

We all have that one fantasy, right? Maybe yours is the girl next door, or a naughty professor, but have you ever thought about a hot, sexy naughty nurse?

If you’ve been loving my adventures, then I know you will love this one. Let’s read about how I decided to sneak into the hospital and dress up as a nurse so I could have a bit of fun. Yes, I know I’m so bad.

I know you’re thinking, “Oh Hailey, what did you get yourself into now?” Well, I’ve been going crazy at home. There’s only so much porn I can watch, so much masturbating I can do, and only so many toys I can play with. I just had to get out and go for some excitement in my life. Last night I sat here thinking, what could I do that would be totally fun, but also totally insane? Then it hit me. All of a sudden, I got this crazy idea with a twist.

I would dress up as a nurse and go surprise some lucky man at the hospital!

I know you must be thinking, “What the hell is wrong with you Hailey?” So many things run through my head and I have such a thirst for adventure.

I found some really sexy clothes for this event. I was obviously going to dress in a nurse’s outfit, but I had to make sure I had something extra for whoever I decided to play with.

My outfit of choice was a silky black dress, high heels, and some black pantyhose.

Once I made myself look all sexy and slutty, I put on my old scrubs and headed to the car.

The hospital was only around the corner, and when I was a teen, I use to hang around the area a lot doing who knows what. So I knew all the good sneaking spots. I parked my car, and was able to talk my way in through past the security guards.

Once I was inside, I went to find some extra supplies to make me look even more legit.  I began to make my way around, looking for some sweet innocent man so that I could make his night just a bit better.

I saw a really sexy guy get taken into a room nearby. He was cute, looked to be about in his 20’s, and didn’t look too bad off.  After a few minutes of waiting until the coast was clear, I went to the door and gave it a knock. He told me to come in, so I walked inside the room with a nice smile.

Staring at me with a confused expression, the guy sat up. “Who are you? I think you have the wrong room, Miss.” Giggling, I locked the door behind me. With a seductive grin, I walked over to him.  I’m in the right room tonight!

Come back on Thursday for Part 2 of my naughty nurse blog!

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