Hack the Sex System: Fantasy Role Play

Hack the sex system. Your the new guy in school, that just transferred, and I love to mess with new people. Especially this spaz looking guy like him as I watched you from the corner of the main school office. I see he was holding his transfer papers waiting for someone to help him. Going up to him I lean against the desk and ask for his transfer papers. “Papers!” Stunned while looking at me. I ask for your papers again and hand me your papers. Grabbing them and walking out into the hallway you followed. Telling him that his calculus class is this way you follow me upstairs and asking me a million questions. Opening the door, I told your class is right in there. Walking in and as turned around to ask me my name I closed the door to the pool that locks back if not stopped.

About 25 minutes later I see you walking passed me bummed and sunburned. Laughing with my friends’ guys like him can be so gullible to beautiful women like me. Snowforce, DeepShadow and Linxfire become your friends. Later, at the video game arcade you shows up again as I am making out with my boyfriend. As I am telling you, you will never beat my score on Ultra Shooter 3D. You challenged me that you can. I can not lie men who challenge me turn me on. As I make out with Kenneth, I know you are watching which gets me even more sexually excited. After hearing others cheer for you winning the game, he looks me dead in the eyes and say that you guess you are on top on me now. Just that term made me wanted in get underneath you or on my knees in front of you.

I feel so wet

But of course, being the siren that I am, I rolled my eyes and walked outside to leave with Kenneth. All this indirect flirting made me hot and needed to fuck so riding off on Kenneth’s bike we went back to his house to work out this aggression. Showing up to my party that I did not invite you to I love your rebellion steak that you have inside because I have it too. Without knocking you, Snowforce, DeepShadow and Linxfire are in my room looking at my new laptop. Making out with Kenneth, I start to moan so you can look over and watch me. All of ya’ll watching us, Snowforce makes a comment about my bra strap being such a pretty lavender. Deepshadow comments how he would want to rub my nice, luscious booty with his bare hands. Knowing you wanting me but not saying anything.

I could feel your thoughts coming towards me. Even though I am kissing Kenneth I am thinking about you.  Thinking about you underneath me, my legs straddling you. Your hands wondering up and down my body. Unbuttoning my pants and slipping your hands into my panties. It feels go rubbing my pussy. It feels good knowing that you and others are watching this performance. We hear on the news James got arrested for hacking the multi-million dollar porn company Trickstar. We can’t believe it.


I hope you enjoy this hacker fantasy roleplay story come back on Friday. If you can’t wait till Friday you can purchase my audio version of this blog. Check out at sexy stories at here

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