Hack the Sex System: Fantasy Role Play Contd

Hack the sex system roleplay. Getting upset at the invading of privacy I hop of Kenneth and start screaming at you guys for touching my new laptop. Sitting down I show you a little bit about how my powerful machine works. Having a feeling that you know all about computers and how it feel to hack the system. We start hanging out on the regular. As you challenge me, I challenge you. Which turns both of us on. Showing up in my dreams at nice with me wearing the sexy leather corset and you all naked and ready. In my dreams, no panties, just fish net jeweled pantyhose dancing while you sit on the couch stroking your cock. Seductively I walk towards you licking my lips and tracing my breast with me fingers. Seeing eyes roll in the back of your head along with moaning turns me on so much.

Smoothly fingering my clit, I drop to my knees. Wanting to put my suck on your cock. Soon as I go to do it, I wake up. Sick of your disrespect of my skills I challenge you to a hacking contest who target is the director of the FBI director Casey Forte. Each challenge made my viscerally excited to see his fingers delicate stroke the keyboard while entering in a crazy code. Listing the director as woman was an amazing hack that I couldn’t even pull off and you knew it. For the first time I noticed you get hard at the sight of me as well. Especially when I hack, his eyes were completely on me as if in a trance. After Linxfire and James got pinched me and Snowforce show up to your house to ask him for help since he is such a good hacker.

We had a problem

You said he’ll copy the disk that landed James and Linxfire in trouble. Later he showed up at Deepshadow’s place letting us know that you gave the unfinished disk over to The Plague. We plan our attack on the system to get our friends free and expose the faux virus and money funneling. Can’t lie as you try to hack through the disk to figure out what was going on I wanted to be under the desk giving him a total blowjob. Going to porn show ‘SYRUP’ hosts to ask for help in pulling off this massive attack on the Gibson at Trickstar. Surveying me they think that I am delicious and suggest a threesome between me and them. Not to say that did not peak only concern is if you could watch.

Anyway, we had a whole network of hackers all world the world joined us in this massive attack. We hack the Gibson and you gets the full file of Misc. that contains all the evidence needs to exonerate our captured friends. In the end you tell me that you’ve been having dreams about me as well and you would like to explore them on a physical level. On my knees with my mouth around your cock I suck so strongly and sloppy. Just when you are about to cumI spread my pussy open and sit down on your fat cock so I can bounce and take it all. After all hacking is the best foreplay.


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