Alone in a gym in the middle of the night with a stranger. Oh I so should not be doing this. I really should not be doing this. I told myself this at the same time I smiled at him. Grabbing his shorts I tugged down. I figured no words were needed as I watched his hard cock spring from his shorts. Oh I could not wait to have that in my needy wet pussy.

This is such a bad idea I told myself again as I did a pull up using the weight bar taking him into my mouth. No hesitation, no games. Feeling the head of him slide between my lips I felt his hands go to my back holding me up in that position as he slid himself down my throat. Feeling him hit the back of my throat and still go, I struggled to keep my throat relaxed. 

My arm muscles were starting to get tired after that hard workout and trying to hold myself up in this position. This strange man though did not seem to care as he pulled himself in and out of my greedy mouth. When my arms started to shake I pulled my mouth away laughing. 

Maybe it was the fact it was the middle of the night. Maybe it was the empty gym. Hell maybe it was just the fact that the weights had energized me. I just knew I needed his cock buried in me.

“I think you might be right. I think we could really help one another.” 

As I said this I stood up and pulled my top off. 

“I’d be happy to help ma’am. Here let’s take those bottoms off too.” His hands yanked my shorts down to my knees. Trapped like that he turned me around and buried his cock deep in me. My back pressed to his front he thrust in and out of me right there. In moments I was cumming screaming my orgasm hearing it echo in the gym. Feeling him cumming in me I start pushing back against him, my hand going between my legs to my swollen clit. Rubbing it I cum again the sensation of his cum hitting my walls making me feel crazy. 

I grab for the weight bench as he released me. My breathing heavy, my legs shaking. I hear him chuckle. Then I hear him walk away. Turning my head the little I could at that moment I saw him head to the showers. Placing my hand over my soaked wet pussy I feel his cum pouring out of me. Thank god for birth control. Damn his huge cock was exactly what I had needed. Rubbing my fingers covered in his cum over my clit I cum again giggling in the rush of how naughty it was. Grabbing my towel and top I pull my shorts back up. Walking to the showers I see him coming out. Winking at him he threw me a salute as he left the gym. I guess I’d helped give him the work out he needed for the night. I never did get his name. That’s ok, maybe we’d run into each other in the future. 

I really hope you enjoyed part 2. I hope you  you should purchase my audio where you’ll get to hear all the juicy details.

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