The gym was deserted at 2am as I did another set. I could feel the burn in my muscles as I set the weight bar back in its place. Sweat covering me, it was time to take a drink. I grabbed the towel next to me and quickly wiped myself down. Sitting on the bench I stretched out my arms making sure to keep the muscles loose. 

I’d had dreams that woke me up soaked yet again. It had been too long. I’d been so busy with classes and work I hadn’t had a hard cock in me in months. It was starting to get to me. So I was burning off some of the pent up frustration.

As I turned from my stretch I saw movement out of the corner of my eye. Well the place had been deserted. Taking one of my headphones out the music catchy enough to keep my blood pumping I saw who had joined me. 

Oh here was a whole new reason to get my blood pumping. He was magnificent. I had never thought myself into others looks. I worked out to keep myself in shape not because I had an obsession with muscles. This guy though, oh I loved how you could see the strength he possessed without those huge flashy muscles some guys went for. This definitely wouldn’t help my wet dreams.

I put my headphones back in and go to do my next set of reps. Grabbing the bar feeling the metal under my hands I smiled. Knowing I’d enjoy the burn later from a good work out. 

When I was halfway through I suddenly was staring up at a man’s work out shorts.

 Trying not to startle I put the bar back on the stand. My headphones were blocking out what he was saying. The gym was eerily quiet compared to the pounding of my music as I turned my music off.

“I thought you could use a spotter.” Oh no not another man thinking a girl around weights is a helpless female.

“Does it look like I need help?” As he looked down at me I know the view had to be a lot of cleavage but I think my view might have been better. He had shifted and I could see up the leg of his shorts. No secret here, this was a boxers guy. One who had a very big ummm package. 

One not nearly enough contained I was noticing.

How could I help but notice as the sight of me laid out on the bench in my work out clothes and sweat was obviously having an effect on him. A giggle escaped as I watched him growing hard up his pants leg. 

He wasn’t even trying to hide it either. He just stood there leering down at me as his cock swelled in his shorts. I should have been mortified. Instead I could feel the heat pool between my legs. I did not know who he was. He had no idea who I was. It was the middle of the night and here we were alone in the gym. 

“Maybe you need the same kind of help I need right now.”

I really hope you enjoyed part 1. Make sure to come back for part 2 on Sunday to find out more. If you just can’t wait until Sunday to hear the conclusion you should purchase my audio where you’ll get to hear all the juicy details.

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