Grandparent Cream Pie – Sunbathing With Gramps – NAT – A – 0021 – 7-17-23- Part 1

I’ve always loved spending time with my sweet Gramps! Enjoy this grandparent cream pie roleplay and indulge in this fantasy with me!

I am so lucky to have an awesome Gramps!

Our family loves to do all kinds of outdoor activities together. With this in mind, you installed a swimming pool in your backyard for the family to come over & use any time! It’s been great! The first day it was ready to go, everyone came together for a big barbeque to mark the beginning of a wonderful summer. We had a wonderful time together. I was especially excited. Mom bought me the cutest bathing suit this year, and I just love showing it off. Everyone told me how lovely I looked, and Gramps even said I “looked like trouble for the boys”. I laughed and said, “Maybe I like trouble!” Then I winked at you before diving head-first into your new pool. 

Since then, I’ve been at Gramps’ house nearly daily.

Some days I don’t even get in the water- I just lay out by the pool and work on my tan. I love any excuse to be out in the sun in my yummy new bikini! After a few weeks, my mother tried to stop me from “bothering Gramps” so much. Thankfully, you stepped in and assured her that you were happy for the company. Although… I’m starting to think it’s more than just “family bonding time” you enjoy. Whenever I go over there, I’m always wearing my skimpy bikini- and nothing else. Every time Gramps sees me wearing it, you say something about how cute girls like me are “trouble”. And I’m pretty sure I know what kind of “trouble” you mean… I think Gramps wants to get into a little trouble with me!

Honestly, I think I want to get in “trouble” with you too!

Although, I don’t think of it as “trouble”. I consider it fun! At least I HOPE it will be fun. But how could it not be? I love my Gramps, and I know you love me too. And.. Well… Maybe you’re doing it on purpose, or maybe I just never noticed it before… But when you hug me, I swear I can feel your thing through your pants. There’s something hard poking at my stomach, and it’s not your belt. It’s got to be your thing, I just know it! Sometimes I just want to reach down and squeeze it to know for sure!

I want my Gramps so bad!

Plus, I’ve heard that older men are a lot better at doing it than guys my age. My friends all say that being with older guys is the best. They’ve got way more experience, so they know what women like. My Gramps is such a charmer, every woman you talk to seems to adore you. I’m willing to bet my Gramps knows what women like… Gosh, it makes me hot & bothered to think about such things! I’ve decided that before I leave your house today, I’m going to make a move on you.


I have a passion for writing naughty stories, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Don’t miss Part Two of this grandparent cream pie roleplay! If you need to finish the story now, listen to me read my filthy story to you in my sexy voice, and get extra-spicy details in my audio!

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