Granddaughter Roleplay – Natalie Cares for her Gramps – Part 1

It would just fulfill every naughty kink in me to have sex with my Gramps!! Fulfill this fantasy with me as I become naughty for my next-door neighbor in this granddaughter roleplay!

Your granddaughter is bringing you your lunch. 

Yesterday you were at your daughter’s house visiting the family. Your daughter noticed you were walking a bit stiff, and insists you should stay in bed & rest for a few days. To make sure you do, she asks me, her oldest, to stay with you. I happily agree. A nice, quiet few days away from my obnoxious younger siblings while I help you around the house sounds wonderful. I have a new book I’ve been trying to read, and it’ll be much easier to do so without their constant interruptions. Already this morning I’ve read 2 chapters. I bring you your lunch wearing just a small pair of shorts and a shirt. My braless breasts bounce as I walk toward you, I set the tray with your lunch down on your lap. 

“Do you need anything else Gramps?” 

You say no & thank me, apologizing for the inconvenience. I insist it’s no trouble, and remind you that your quiet home feels like a relaxing vacation to me. “Besides, I love you Gramps! I’m always happy to see you.” I lean in and give you a hug, kissing you on the forehead. When I do this, my boobs squish against your face. I turn around to leave, and you watch my ass jiggle as I walk away. It arouses you. You know you shouldn’t be aroused by your granddaughter, but you can’t help it. I’m irresistibly beautiful. No man could look at me and not wonder what’s underneath those shorts. I’m not wearing a bra- you could feel that. But was I wearing panties? You get lost in these thoughts, and your cock stiffens. 

You set the lunch tray aside & pull out your pecker.

Closing your eyes, you conjure the memory of my jiggling ass just a few moments ago. Slowly you rub your cock. You wonder how it would feel to poke your pecker between my round cheeks. A little faster you rub. The feeling of my soft breasts against your face comes to mind. It would have been so easy to get my nipple in your mouth. My tits were so soft and warm. You wish I would come back into the room and just sit on your hard cock. You can feel yourself about to cum, and grab the napkin from the lunch tray to spill your seed in. Putting your cock away, you set the cum-filled napkin beside you, and eat your lunch. As you finish eating I re-enter your bedroom.

“Can I take your dishes, Gramps?”

You say yes, and I pick up your lunch tray. When I do, I notice the napkin beside you on the bed, and grab it. I have no idea it’s filled with your cum. You watch as I walk out of the room, clutching your cum in one of my hands. You’re embarrassed and even worried I might notice what lays inside the napkin. But I never mention it, never change my demeanor around you. Now that you’re sure I’ve just thrown it away, you’re turned on again. Your granddaughter actually held your sperm in your hands. I touched the very load created by thoughts of my beautiful young body.  You feel your pecker getting stiff again…


I have a passion for writing naughty stories, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Don’t miss Part Two of this granddaughter roleplay! If you need to finish the story now, listen to me read my filthy story to you in my own sexy voice, and get extra-spicy details in my audio!

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