Good Boys Get Rewards; Sensual BJ to Peg Scene Part Two

I sit before you, my mouth filled with your cream and my heart happy for you. But were not done yet. Draining you once is not the type of reward you deserve. You deserve more. I am going to give you an experience now, one that will make you tell me how much you love me. I let you sit back onto the soft bed and relax. Even though I seem to have cleaned it all up, you still came so hard, and made such a mess. You earned another orgasm even stronger than the last.

Get Ready For Me Baby!

You lay on the bed, catching your breath and touching your dick, keeping it nice and ready for me. Watch me while I readjust, and get into something a little more comfortable. A lacey black lingerie piece with stockings going all the way down to my soft toes. I buckle the straps slowly, letting you watch me get ready for you with this big pink dildo tied up to my hot tight body. I crawl on top of you, kissing up your neck all the way to your lips and letting you feel my breath as I smile into you. Good boys get rewards, and this is a very… very… exciting reward. I tell you I love you before my lips tumble into yours, not even giving you a chance to say it back as we start to build romantic energy.  

Exploring you, my hands travel along your chest and down to your groan as we passionately kiss. I massage your cock, while my tongue slides into your mouth so you can taste me. Tasting yourself as well. Eventually I stop teasing you. You are such a good boy for me, you deserve to finally get what I have been waiting to give. I switch to my dildo instead of your cock. Leaning up, so I can get a good look at you as I slide it inside. Take it all baby, you can do it. “I believe in you…” as I glide my toy into your soft body, watching your back arch as you take me. 

I Want To See You Cum

My other hand doesn’t stay stationary long though. It finds its way back to your cock where it belongs and I stroke you. Sitting up, I have such a good sight. I love watching my good boys get rewards. I love watching you body crave me and my waist pushes me in deeper inside and my hands both working together to milk your throbbing cock. My body even bounces slightly with yours as you moan. Take it baby. 

“I am so proud of you.” I say those words and I watch you melt. “Good boy”. My words have a spell on you and I can tell you are close. “Do it, now is the time… collect your reward”. I can feel how sensitive your dick is in my hands. Pulsating against my palms. I watch your hot load shoot out and up in the air, landing on your stomach and I get ready to clean it up for you. Ready to lick it off your stomach while I slide out of you and only use my hands to massage you while I do it.

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