Good Boys Get Rewards; Sensual BJ to Peg Scene Part One

You are so cute. The way you look at me while I straddle you, teasing you and turning you on. I slide my fingers gracefully up your cheek as I caress you. My lips meeting with yours in this explosion of emotions and feelings as you squirm for me. You are such a good boy, turning me on all the time just by being you. And good boys get rewards! I am going to drain your cock over and over again. Starting with a sensual blow job that will make you cum so hard you can barely stand. Then I am going to fuck you softly on top of you while we kiss passionately. 

Let Me Tease You Baby!

I kiss my way down to your beltline allowing you to stand before me, awaiting my mouth on all the parts of your body that I crave. Unbuckling your belt and sliding it off, I look up at you. My big blue eyes hungry to satisfy you. I kiss your stomach as the belt is removed and my fingers slide into the waistband, slipping your pants down softly. Look at that cock. Fuck, I want you so bad baby. My hand slides into your boxers and gently pulls that big dick out so I can watch it throb slightly in front of my face.

Are you going to be a good boy and put that cum exactly where I want you too? You have to guess where. Think you can handle that baby – because if you can, well, you know good boys get rewards. Can you handle watching the tip of my tongue tease your cockhead as I swirl it around your shaft. Spirals of drool dripping down your cock as I make my way down to your balls. I suck on them softly, before slipping them into my mouth. My hot tongue massaging your balls as my hand comes up to stroke you.

My Sweetest Man

You’re getting so hard baby! You make me so proud. Your balls leave my mouth for a moment as I rise back up to the tip of your shaft and slip you inside my mouth. A moan leaves my mouth at the same moment my lips rub up against the base of your cock.

I hold you there. My lips down to the base as your cock throbs and pulses in the back of my throat. I gag for you and I don’t even mind. Of course I don’t mind, this is your reward; good boys get rewards. My throat tightens and bulges around your cock while I suck you off. I can taste your precum. Holy shit you taste amazing. My lips slide back to the tip, allowing my neck the break I need while my mouth moves up and down on you faster and faster. Milking you. Cum for me baby. Cum into my mouth and claim your reward. Good boys get rewards after all, so get this baby. That’s a good Boy.

Now you get the next part of your present! If you can’t wait for the second part to come out, purchase the whole audio at the store and cum with me! You deserve it baby!

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