Multiple Orgasms with my talented Sex Master Part 1

There is nothing better than multiple Orgasms during sex!

I love sex! This is a big shout out to D, a great sex master who has a way about him and gives me to multiple orgasms every single time!

“Hey Baby are you all ready to get fucked”

“You bet I am!”  I was in my bedroom, candles lit, I had a glass of wine sitting on the bedside table along with a bowl of ice cubes.  I also had a bottle of warmed up massage oil.  “Baby, I am all ready for you!”

With that he came towards me and slowly he picks up an ice cube on the way.  Trailing hot steaming kisses from my neck down to my breasts, he follows it with the ice cube.  It chills my skin as it cools the hot trail he left on my skin.

He reaches my breasts Knowing I am getting close to an orgasm.

He takes the ice cube and slowly circles it around the areola  causing goosebumps to rise .  Then he takes it across my nipple several times until my nipple hardens up like a little pea.  His lips descend onto my nipple and he warms it with his tongue.

Slowly he moved to my other breast. Using the ice cube and his mouth he gives it the same sweet torture as the first one.  By this time I was trembling and getting very wet between my legs but by no means was he even close to being done. I felt like I was getting ready to cum.

The ice cube was put into his mouth and as he sucked on it his hands were slowly running down my body massaging as they went causing me to squirm and wiggle under his touch.  I felt the small tremor starting to build deep down in my body. I new he would give me multiple orgasms again!

His head went down between my legs, tasting my cum!

I jumped as he started to lick my clit because his tongue was so cold from sucking on the ice cube!  However it did not take long to build up the heat down there with the licking, sucking and kisses he was doing!

His tongue started to dive in and out of my pussy!  My God he has a way with that tongue. His tongue was fucking  my pussy.   He had me bucking and convulsing in no time!  I knew it wouldn’t take long to send me over the edge.  He knew it also, that is why he suddenly quit and came up along side me reaching for the glass of wine.

“Not yet Baby, we have the whole evening ahead of us to have several orgasms!”

Taking a sip of the wine he then hands the glass to me.  Feeling abandoned I took a gulp of the wine only to have him say, “Relax Baby, I will make you feel like you never felt before. I promise to give you multiple orgasms!”  Nodding I took another sip of wine.

Rubbing some warm scented oil in his hands, he went down and started at my feet and he was  rubbing, pressing and massaging he had me melting under his hands!  As he worked his way up my legs, he payed special attention to my sore muscles and had me feeling like I had no bones in my body!

It was not really sexually stimulating as much as relaxing.  You could have knocked me over with a feather.  As he reached my thighs I knew things were going to start to change.

If you want to see what happens, come back on Sunday to read part 2 of Multiple Orgasms with my talented Sex Master.

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