I am sure there is no way you could forget that I was in the middle of swallowing your cock whole for the girlfriend experience.


For the purpose of, jogging that memory of yours you were laying on my massage table all oiled down with your pretty little cock in my mouth. You were pulsating in my throat as I slowly sucked and nibbled your hard dick. Grabbing my hair so you can watch as you bust your load deep inside my mouth and I swallow every single drop of cum. While you lay there recovering from your orgasm I am going to step back and start dancing. Then, I am going strip off this dress leaving me in my teddy, thigh highs, and heels. All in hopes that you enjoy my girlfriend experience. 


I am going to climb on top of you, and slowly start giving you a lap dance. Grinding sensually against your recovering cock. 


Squatting on top of you so both feet are by your chest on the bed my titties hitting your face as I grind my tight wet snatch all over your body. Teasing you, getting you good and hard so that you can fuck me. During your girlfriend experience, you can put it in any hole you want to. As a matter of fact, I want you to use all my holes. Take every inch of me, and make me yours. As your cock starts to swell and jump against my panties I get lower grinding harder and slower feeling each jump against my dripping clit. 


Leaning over and kissing you softly on your lips, I start to beg for you to fuck me.


Whispering against your mouth “Please fuck me, please”. As I stroke your cock and balls with my hand. My other hand moves my panties to the side and I slowly start to slide you inside my wet fuck hole. Moving both of my legs to the floor for traction I sit straight up so that you can watch the way my back arches as I get my fill of your pretty cock. Rocking back and forth to the beat with you inside me.


Coming up slow and soft and cumming down fast and deep until I cum all over that big beautiful dick of yours. Squirting cum all down that cock and balls. Sliding off so that I can spoil you some more I use my mouth to clean me all off. Putting you deep into my mouth sucking all of my cum off of you. Getting you good and wet and ready to stick it into my tight little asshole.


Pulling you into a sitting position while I turn around. Simultaneously, spreading my ass cheeks while I lower myself down. Inserting his thick shaft into my asshole. Slowly sliding down inch by inch teasing both your cock and my pleasure hole. Riding you backward until you cum deep into my asshole. Once you are good and fucked feeling satisfied I want to bring you into the shower and wash you off. That’s just the way I want to start the night….. We have plenty of hours left for you to enjoy the girlfriend experience.

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