The way I was raised shaped the way I am as a girlfriend. I just love to spoil my lover in every way possible. 


With the girlfriend experience, I want to make you feel like a King and cater to your every need. Firstly, I want to start by cooking us a nice pot roast dinner and bake an apple pie for dessert. Before you come over I am going to light some candles and put on some R&B in the background. Have our plates sitting on the table waiting for you so all you have to do is come in and be spoiled. When you show up I will be all dolled up, in my little tight black dress, thigh-high stockings, and heels. I want you turned on and ready to go as I spoil you. 


Once, I am done filling your belly, we can move into the living room. Which is also candlelit. Set up in there is my massage table. I am going to lead you to the table and undress you. Once you are fully naked I am going to lay you on the table face down and pour warmed up massage oil on your body. Starting with your shoulders I am going to slowly rub all your tensions away. Slowly and deeply rubbing up and down your body. Across your tense shoulders and down your back. Working my all the way down to your feet. 


In order, to give you the full girlfriend experience, I will make sure to kiss and nibble down your body as I rub. 


After I am done rubbing all your knots and kinks out your backside down I will have you flip over so that I can get all the fun front parts of your body. Sensually rubbing from your neck to your chest as I lean over and take little licks and tastes of each area that I rub. Working my way to slowly to your stomach and happy trail. Simultaneously, my hands massage your thighs, and my tongue lightly tracing your public line. 

Making sure I tease your body while having you feel relaxed and comfortable. 


My hands move to your knees and calves and my moth moves down to your erection. Taking it into my mouth as I rub small deep circles on your legs. Slowly teasing the tip of your hard cock with my tongue. Every time I go deeper on your hard throbbing cock with my mouth and bring my hands down slowly. As I go up I follow suit coming up to your thighs. Moving my body, mouth, and hands with the beat of the sexual music playing. Getting you ready to shoot your load all down my throat. 


My only goal during this girlfriend experience is to make you feel like a King taking his crown and a seat on his throne.

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