Welcome back to The Girlfriend Experience, Mackenzie Style. I hate that I left you waiting for what was to come next in The Girlfriend Experience, Mackenzie Style. But, you should know I would spoil you when you got back. Now where were we, oh yes… your thick member was in my hand and I was getting on my knees between your thighs. Of course, I let out a giggle or two, along with that smirk you love seeing on my face. Our eyes locking onto one another, as I place your thick head against my lips- opening my mouth slowly, allowing just my tongue to flicker against your cock. Your head leans back and you shift your hips down so I can gain more access. I then carefully take every inch of your thickness down into my mouth, until you hit the back of my throat.

A slight arch of my shoulders and down you go, all the way.

My mouth resting against your balls and pubic bone. Hence, I just keep you there, for a minute. But, then I begin to use my swallowing muscles to ripple my tongue against your shaft. Your groans tell me you are enjoying what I am doing. Because of this, I do it more, and more, but by moving my head up and down the length of your shaft. God, how do I love having you in my mouth and throat! The faster I go, the more sounds you make, and the next thing I know, I am cumming in between your thighs. My eyes twinkling at yours, I am in my happy place with you.

You start to slide my straps off of my shoulders, exposing my perky tits. You grab a nipple into your fingers and begin to roll it. Coupled with you pinching it slightly, causes me to moan and gasp while your cock is in my mouth. I cannot help but cum while you play with me. I start to bob my head faster on you, causing more drippage from my mouth to cover the bottom of your shaft and your balls. 

Slobbing all over your cock, lubing you up as my hand firmly grips and jerks your cock in an upward pull. 

I begin working my right hand all over your shaft, up and down. While at the same time my left-hand cupping and rubbing your balls gently. While listening to you still try and tell me about your day, and how this is helping you to forget how hard it was. *giggle* I lift my mouth off and say, “but this is the acceptable form of hard, yes lover?” You reply with a chuckle and politely place my mouth back on your cock, signaling for me to continue what we both enjoy.

I was always a girl who enjoyed cock, but since meeting you and seeing just how pleasurable it is for you– since being with you I have become such a cock whore! And, I absolutely love it, and I know you love me for it. I enjoy showing you how much I appreciate you this way. Once again taking your cock fully into my throat, I work my tongue and throat muscles to massage your cock. My hands discovering your body in various ways to enhance the sensations my mouth is causing you to feel all over.

Your breathing begins to change, and with that, I know, you are getting closer to my favorite part! I start to suckle your shaft the full length, my hand following behind with a firm grip, milking your cock. I look up at you begging with my eyes for you to feed me. You smirk back at me, knowing this is your favorite part too.

You nod at me, to keep going, but a bit faster.

I pick up on that and start to go at a matched pace of your hips gyrating into my face. You arch your hips into me, I feel the base of your cock throb. I start to giggle and moan, I am awaiting my big prize, like the good girl I am. Ropes of warm man juice, your man seed, starts to erupt into my mouth. On my tongue and a mouthful of tasty goodness. You look down at me, as I swallow every drop. I smile in pure delight. You tell me that it felt great, but what about me.

Reminding you, the night is young and we still have after our shower together. I wink at you as I get up from my knees. Grabbing the blanket from the love seat across the room, I bundle myself up right into your arms.

I may be a nympho but I am a romantic one at that!!! Who would not want a girlfriend who craved your touch and your cock every day!?

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