The Girlfriend Experience Mackenzie Style, learn what it is like to be with me! Part 1

Just because I work a phone sex hotline, does not mean it always has to be about sex. I love how I get to offer The Girlfriend Experience, but Mackenzie style.  Truly, hope that you know that baby. Please do not get me wrong, I love it when you call and tell me how much you want to please this tight warm pussy. Plus, this little cumslut absolutely loves making you explode and cum everywhere. But, it does not always have to be about just that. Having our connection, that companionship together, and feeling the love grow is so much greater than sex. You allowing me to give you my Girlfriend Experience just helps me be a better me for you. 

I enjoy getting to hear your voice, it is so sexy and soothing. Such an odd combination; however, it does wonders with my body and soul. I cannot help but picture what life would or could be like, for real with us. You and I, together, where we share a home. Right now, it would be decorated for Christmas! A tree lit up in our living room, lights up on the outside, a fireplace that we would light every night. My cooking dinner for you, and having it ready for you when you got home to me. Your favorite tv-series ready, or maybe the game on, or even making sure I wore the outfit you like me most in– all ready for you when you needed to decompress. 

The little ways I can show how much I love you, and appreciate all you do for me. 

How about after we eat, you go sit down on the couch, with a cold one. I walk up behind you and put those sturdy and strong shoulders in between my hands. Rubbing those knots out of them, leaning down and giving you kisses on the nape of your neck, right above your clavicle. As soon as you let out a soft moan, I would know my magic was working. With that said, I would shift my hands up to your head, gently rubbing your temples, the crown of your head, before tracing down your neck and back around to those shoulders.

“Does that feel good baby?” I would change the station to some music and slow dance around the couch. As I stand in front of you– we would lock eyes and my smirk would let you know that I was about to take good care of you baby!! Unbuttoning your shirt, while kissing those lips of yours. Mmmmm, nibbling that bottom lip, just how you like it. Rocking my hips to the music, wearing that lovely white silky negligee that you like me to wear. Clenching my bottom lip between my teeth, as I slide off your shirt… leaning down to kiss your chest, while my hands begin to unbuckle your belt.

“How was your day, lover?”

Tell me, all about it. I want to hear every detail, my dear. As you start to tell your day, you do not even realize I have had you lift yourself off the couch, enough for me to take off your pants and toss them aside. Your thick hard cock standing at attention just begging for me to say “hello”.  To be continued…..

If you liked this story then you should check out part two on Thursday. If you cannot wait that long, then buy the audio to this story.

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Or is there a fantasy you want me to enjoy with you? Call me and tell me about it, let’s make it happen. 




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