Girlfriend Experience, Katrina’s Online Romantic Fulfillment Part 2

The girlfriend experience continues as I grab the sides of his jeans and pull them down, taking his underwear too. I reach out and caress the length of his hard shaft. Taking my time, I am enjoying the feel of his large, hard dick. I slowly caress him. Then I start to softly kiss his cock. I stick out my tongue and lick from the base his dick to the sensitive tip. Looking up, I want to make sure that he is watching. I wrap my lips around the tip and give it a sensuous french kiss exploring it with my tongue. Slowly, I take his cock into my mouth still watching your face as I do it. He closes his eyes and throws back his head. I know my magic mouth is doing the trick when he begins thrusting his hips.

I cover the base of his cock with my hand as I continue to caress and lick his dick until he is shaking with need. He pulls back from me and then reaches down to pull me to my feet. Then he is pulling off my jeans. He is passionate but not rough. He grabs me up by the waist and swings me around to place me on my dining room table. Then he takes a seat in front of me spreading my legs wide. 

He softly rubs my smooth pussy lips and then gently kisses them.

In this ultimate girlfriend experience, I shudder in anticipation as he softly kisses the outer lips taking in the feel and scent of my excitement. I am looking down as he looks up at me. I want it and he knows it. He gives me a wicked grin and says, “Do you want me, baby?” and I respond in a loud plea, “Yes, oh gawd, yes!” Then he dives in spreading my pussy lips and covering my pussy with my mouth. His tongue finds my clit and I moan with pleasure. My body contorts as I reach down to put my hands in his hair and my hips arch up to meet his mouth and flicking tongue.

His clever mouth continues to lick and suck on my clit. I am bucking against him while moaning. I cry out he finds a particularly sensitive spot. The pleasure takes overtakes me. I let go of his head and fall back onto the table. Then he is sucking and flicking his tongue all over my clit. I cannot take it any longer and I explode in ecstasy. I cry out, “Yes! Yes! Yes!” Then my body goes momentarily limp enjoying the release.

I watch as he stands with my juices still on his lips as this girlfriend experience continues. I sit up and reach for his hard, throbbing dick. He moves closer so I can guide him into my pussy. He enters me slowly as I am so tight. I grab his shoulders as he moves forward to take complete possession of me. When he is all the way in, he pauses for a moment deep inside me so I can become accustomed to his fullness. 

He fills me in a way that no other can do.

We both groan in pleasure. He grabs my hips and I wrap my legs around his hips. He begins to thrust, slowly at first, then moving faster. I cry out and arch my hips up to receive him better. I start rocking forward to meet each thrust. Oh, it feels so good to be so full. My pussy is squeezing on his cock with each thrust making me pump even faster and faster.

This girlfriend experience brings pleasure like fire moving throughout my body. In a tight voice, he says in a growl, “Cum for me again, baby, cum.” I close my eyes and allow the pleasure full reign as he continues to pound me. I am so close, poised on the edge of fulfillment when he reaches down and caresses my clit with his thumb. It’s building to an apex and I can’t hold back any longer. Then I am cumming all over his huge dick.

I am shuddering in his arms and my hips are still pumping even as I come. My pussy is squeezing like a vice and release. I am tightening around his cock as he continues to slam in and out. I am still squirting all over his cock as he gives a deep thrust. His head goes back as he feels his release. His cum is filling up my pussy. 

I milk every last drop continuing to thrust my hips up and squeeze his cock with my pussy.

For a moment we are both still as we absorb the pleasure. Our harsh breathing fills the air. He sits back down in the chair and pulls me onto his lap so I am straddling him. He wraps me in his arms and we hold each other close. In my ear, I hear him say, “Wow, it keeps getting better and better. I think we would actually kill each other if we ever met in person.” and I say in reply, “Then we would both die happy with smiles on our faces.”

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