Girlfriend Experience, Katrina’s Online Romantic Fulfillment Part 1

I was not looking for an online girlfriend experience. It started with a random message from a guy while I was playing poker online. At first, I thought it was a gaming ploy to distract me so he could win. I kept my responses to his messages brief. I thought that it might shake him. He was not sending the typical pervy messages or asking me about my poker strategy either. Still, I did not trust him right away.

Then I noticed that every time that I played poker, he somehow managed to get a seat at my table. Our chat conversations continued. I continued to be wary. I did not want to be phished for information that might compromise my finances or anything else. He was disclosing a lot more personal information than myself. Eventually, I became convinced that he was nothing more than a guy that worked at home like myself. He did not get out much, so he did not get the chance to meet women. It was the same for me. I decided to invite him to an encrypted chat application so that we could be more private.

This is when the girlfriend experience truly began for us both. We chatted almost every day for almost a year. He told me about his family and I told him about mine. We talked about our work, past relationships, and future dreams. As we talked about our lives, things turned a bit more intimate. Eventually, we began talking on the phone too. Then our conversations turned to a more sexual nature. We shared secret turn-ons and fantasies. We both fantasized about what might happen if we were to meet in person. It was definitely becoming an intimate relationship even though we were physically very far apart.

I am not ashamed to say that we masturbated together at least once a week.

Our favorite mutual fantasy was about what might happen if we met in person. It was not always exactly the same. Sometimes, we talked about a variety of perfect dates that would culminate in passionate sex. Other times, we were so horny for each other that we started with sex. Then our pillow talk would be about what we might do after some hot, steamy sex. Either way, it was incredibly satisfying for us both. We filled a void in each other’s lives even though we knew that we would likely never meet each other in person.

This girlfriend experience fantasy starts with a knock at my door. I open the door to a stranger with a familiar face and a roguish smile. A smile of surprise spreads across my face as I open the door wider and welcome him inside. I ask about your trip suddenly feeling awkward. He replies that it was fine and gives me a long, lingering look. He reaches out to me. His arms surround me in a warm embrace. The strong arms of the man that I have grown to care for so much. I look up and stretch my hand to gently caress his face. He leans down and kisses me.

The kiss, at first a soft, tentative welcome, becomes deeper as passion explodes.

Our tongues duel and hands begin to wander and explore undiscovered territory. Passion, so long denied, explodes in me and I ache to feel him inside of me. I unbutton his shirt and give him a kiss at every button that I unbutton. Then I work my way down to his belt and look for your permission with a naughty smile on my face. I am rewarded with a huge smile and a nod. He quickly kicks off his shores as I undo his belt buckled and start on his pants. The sound of the zipper is loud in the room that is filled with heavy breathing.

Part 2 coming in 2 days!

Girlfriend Experience, Katrina’s Online Romantic Fulfillment Part 2

If you don’t want to wait to find out what is going to happen next, you can check out my audio blog Girlfriend Experience, Katrina’s Online Romantic Fulfillment Parts 1 & 2!

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Kisses, Katrina

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