Girl on Girl- Lesbian Experience-Part 1


I met Jen when I was in High School. She’s my ex boyfriend’s sister and we get along really well. Gorgeous, blonde hair, loved to dance so she always looked up to me since I taught the local Hip Hop class. Jen loved how I wore baggy pants and a tight shirt, sometimes with a backwards hat. I guess I resembled a sexy tom boy to her. We hung out whenever we could and skipped school all the time together. At the time, I didn’t realize she was a lesbian. But I found out later when we started to fool around together.

We became sexy, horny lesbian friends that couldn’t get enough of each other. It took us a while to get there, but once we found out we were both hot for one another, nothing stopped us from being the life of each party. It all started out by just kissing to turn guys on.

We loved the attention we would get when feeling each other up around a group of people.

We would have a few drinks and get really lose and show off for every one at the party. Making the guys there horny as fuck for us and having so much fun while doing it. That was the real turn on for me, I wanted all the boys looking at me wanting to fuck me. Watching their dicks get hard and that look in their eyes. This was what I thought she too wanted, but turned out that she was full on lesbian and really liked me. I was not closed to the idea of doing more with her, after all I was her first girl she had been with. I was special to her and she wanted to be my girlfriend. She was sexy and I loved her kisses.

I loved touching her body and her lips were so full and perfect.

One day we climbed out of my bedroom window and started sun tanning on my roof. I took my shirt off to tan my breasts and Jen started staring at me. I asked her why she was staring and she said she wanted to touch me. So I told her to go ahead. She started rubbing my tits and squeezing them gently in slow circles. It felt so good and I was very relaxed. Laying back in the sun enjoying her hands on me, she then climbed on top of me and started using both hands. Jen started to grind up and down on my shorts and that really turned me on.

She then leaned down and started kissing me with so much tongue, making me so horny. I put my hands on her hips and kissed her back. That’s when we took our friendship to a whole new level.

Jen took off her shirt with my help and continued to kiss me. Now our tits were touching each other and we were breathing heavy. Grabbing her tits and her grabbing mine, we continued to make out hot and heavy. I wanted to fuck her and she wanted to fuck me. Still laying on our towels she went down and pulled my shorts off.


Part 2 of Girl on Girl- Lesbian Experience will be coming out on Thursday. If you can’t wait until then, you can find the recorded audio version in my sexy voice here.

If you missed my last sexy blog, you can find it on my page or by clicking here

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