Girl On Girl – My Lesbian Experience With A Strap-On Part 2

We last left off my lesbian encounter where my friend was licking up all of the cum from my pussy, and I watched her get fed by me. I’m hoping you guys are enjoying this story so far because I have to say, I’m getting wet all over again just thinking about it. 

After my friend went down on me, I told her it was her turn to get some attention. I had her lay back on the couch while I ate her out and fingered her all at the same time. I had my tongue rubbing her clit, while I had 2 fingers going in and out of her, starting off slowly, and then just gradually getting faster and faster. The more I speeded up, the louder her moans became. After a bit, I took my fingers out of her pussy and tasted them, showing her how sweet she tasted.

After taking a quick break from eating pussy to catch our breath, I went and grabbed my 10-inch strap on that I have been wanting to play with. She knew what was happening, and I put the strap-on on me and got on top of her. Going inside of her, slowly fucking her, and eventually making her beg for this cock. 

Staying at a consistent speed, thrusting inside of her while she moaned in pleasure, wanting this cock deeper and deeper inside of her. It was a feeling I will never forget. 

We continued to fuck for a while.

I wanted to make her cum at least 3 or 4 times with my strap on cock. I thought it was so hot the way she just took my cock so well.

After about an hour, I pulled my cock out, with her cum all over it. I got up and made her get on her knees. While she put the strap on in her mouth, cleaning all of her cum and juices off of it. It was so hot watching someone of the same sex cleaning off my fake cock.

“You can’t be finished with me already,” I said. And with a sweet smile, she took the strap on off of me, and then she pulled out a vibrator. She had me lay back again while she inserted the vibrator just over my clit, while she put a finger inside of me, making me cum over and over again. My pussy clenching with excitement as I came. Telling her to put another finger in and going faster, I wanted to cum again. 

After about 5 minutes of the most intense fingering and eating pussy I’ve ever had, I came and before I could say anything, my friend was already in between my legs eating up every drop of cum. She cleaned me up good until every single drop was gone, and then we took a few minutes to relax.

Having to say I was quite surprised about how all of this happened. It turns out my friend and I both had the same thoughts. We had both always wondered what it would be like if we hooked up with each other, and now it turns out, we both know.

I will say that getting fucked by her was amazing, and I know she enjoyed my strap on cock.

I can’t wait until her next visit to town. This doesn’t make me a complete lesbian, guys. I still love the real deal.

If you missed the first part of my girl on girl blog then check it out here. Or, check out my audio blog to hear me give you all the details firsthand.

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