Girl On Girl – My Lesbian Experience With A Strap-On Part 1

So it looks like I’m back with another one of my wild and crazy stories for you guys. I know how much you love reading them, and this one is absolutely no exception. Especially if you like girl on girl action.

About a week ago, I had received a text from one of my old friends I went to high school with. It turns out she was visiting from out of town because she had moved away when we graduated. Of course, I couldn’t wait to see her and catch up. But nothing could have prepared me for what was about to happen next.

I offered for her to come to stay at my place while she was here because I had an extra room. So the next day when she got here, I bought a bottle of wine and ordered some Chinese food so we could sit down and catch up.

Let me just give you a bit of a description of my friend. She’s about 5’5, blonde hair, blue eyes, nice perky tits. She’s everyone’s fantasy. 

After having a few drinks, and eating lots of delicious food, I noticed she kept looking at me with a suggestive smile. I was a bit taken aback by this because I wasn’t sure what she was implying at first. I never considered myself a lesbian, but if I ever did something with someone, it would be her. She then began to lean in a bit closer and stuck her lips out to kiss me. I’ve always secretly wondered what kissing her would be like, so I gave in. Her lips were so soft, and the kiss was so nice and sensual.

Wanting more, I started to kiss her, slowly and passionately.

Each kiss got deeper and deeper. We eventually started making out. That lead to both of us reaching for each other’s tits, and grabbing a hold of them. She teased me by playing with my tits through my shirt, which eventually lead to her slipping my top off, and rubbing my nipples with her fingers.

I could feel my nipples getting extremely hard, and my pussy began to get really wet. I wanted her tongue inside me, cleaning every last drop of pussy juices out of me. We were the same sex, but I didn’t care if it was “wrong.” It felt so good.

I then began to take her top off as I sucked and licked her nipples. Even giving them a nibble here and there. She began to moan in pleasure as she enjoyed the touch of my mouth licking and sucking on her.

After a while of having my tits played with, I proceeded to lay back on the couch and take my pants off. My friend knew what I had wanted at this point, and she put her head between my legs and buried her tongue deep inside me, licking every single drop out of my pussy. She also would tease me a bit by rubbing my clit gently with her tongue and she even made me cum all in her mouth. “How did that taste?” I asked. “So good,” she said as she continued to lick the access cum up.

Come back on Thursday to finish up my girl on girl action blog. Or, if you can’t wait to find out what happens, check out my audio blog!

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