Girl on Girl- Lesbian Experience-Part 2

I was so turned on I just lay there. She came back up and kissed me again with her beautiful juicy lips and started to rub my clit. She was so good at it, like she knew exactly how to touch it, where to touch it and how I liked it. The perks of playing around girl on girl I guess. She knows all the secrets since she has done them on herself before.

Her rubbing my pussy got me so horny for her so I took her shorts off and got her to rub her pussy up and down on mine. Mine was shaved and hers had a little patch of hair. Rubbing our clits together made me so wet. I went down on her and It was my first time eating pussy so I really wanted to enjoy it. I started slowly licking her pussy lips and then going up the middle. Making my way to her clit I licked it slow and in circles to get her really going.

I could tell she liked it because she moaned for me.

But she was the more dominant one and wanted to take control again, which was fine by me. Telling me to lay down, she now went down on me licking my sweet pussy while laying in the sun. I was so warm and comfortable just completely naked with a girl, fucking around on my roof. No one could see us or knew we were there, it was our own little world.

Jen kept going, licking me in all the right spots, making me dizzy from how good it felt. I kept saying “oh my god, that feels amazing, keep going, right there.” She loved that. Jen wanted to make me cum so hard so she put 2 fingers in that pussy and went in and out making me that much closer to Cumming. Her fingers with her tongue combined eventually made me have an extremely powerful orgasm. I came from her mouth and fingers all over my pussy and she was next! She came up and gave me a kiss so I could taste her.

Then she lay down and I went down on her again.

Now I knew more tricks and what she would like. I gave her my tongue on her clit and my fingers in her pussy. She moaned and asked for another finger. I now had 3 fingers in her and was eating her so damn good. Jen got louder and louder for me. She loved what I was giving her just as I loved it from her. We had so much sexual desire for one another and it all came out that day while sun bathing. She started telling me she was close.

So I just kept going. Eventually she came so hard in my mouth and I knew I had done a good job. After that we just lay sun bathing for a bit and ended up going to make a milk shake. We couldn’t stop giggling and looking at each other. Just enjoying the thought of what had just happened. Loving that we did it with someone we knew and trusted. Made me love girls in a whole different way.


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