Girl on Girl: Craving Female Attention Part Two

My neighbor’s wife and I were sitting there kissing. With craving female attention I could not help myself. I kissed her lips and her neck. She moaned with delight as I continued from her neck down to her breasts. My tongue swirled around her nipple. I could feel her body ache for me. My panties grew increasingly moist. I shoved her down on the couch. Fuck it! I slowly removed her red lace panties getting caught on her bent knee.

They were finally off and I could view her wet ass pussy.

She was not shaven as I was, but she was well groomed woman. I began kissing her again with my hands grabbing her breasts. They were more than a handful. I slowly rubbed her breast, moving my hands down to her abdomen, and down to her pubis. She was moaning and squirming the whole time. I spread her lips and found her clit and began to rub it. Slowly at first but then more rapidly. I then shoved one finger into her wet pussy. The woman gasped as I did so.

Her pussy was so tight.

I found the right area inside of her and continued to wiggle my finger around. All the while my thumb was still rubbing her clit. She began to wale and scream, and I could feel her muscles clench around my finger. I knew she had climaxed. I removed my hand from her nether region and licked the juices off my finger.

She tasted sweet I knew that I would want more of that taste.

“Are you ready for more,” I asked. “What about you?” she asked in a worn-out voice. I decided to respond by placing my head in-between her thighs.  I loved the smell of her female area. Slowly, I spread her pussy lips, so I had a better view of her clit. Beginning to tease her female region with my tongue ever so lightly. Twirling my tongue around and then I began to suck on her clit. She moaned loudly and grabbed my head.  I took this as a sign that this woman was enjoying herself and kept going.

Licking her clit and tasting her sweet juices.

We began to rock together in a rhythm. Her pushing her pelvis towards me while I licked her firmer and faster. She finally climaxed and pulled me away by my hair. I knew she was pleased by the huge grin across her face. She went to the bathroom to cleanup and I began to dress myself. My pleasure would come later, I am sure. Now that I had conquered both man and wife maybe I could have my threesome I have been yearning for.

She came back from the bathroom and got dressed. The woman began to speak but I shushed her. “No need to ruin anything my dear. We are friends and maybe we will have fun again soon,” I said. She nodded her head and left.

If you missed what happened in Part One than check it out. Want to hear all the naughty details from my own voice? Purchase the audio.

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