Girl on Girl: Craving Female Attention Part One

I have been craving some female attention and guess what happened? Due to some planning issue my ex-husband needed to take the kid’s again last weekend. So, I was alone once again and horny. My neighbor’s wife, Pamela, yes that neighbor, decided to stop by Saturday night to see how I was doing. She brought over a bottle of wine. A cheaper wine than I am used to but still a nice wine to get tipsy with. I poured two glasses and gave her one.

She checks in with me as neighbors do but then she began to get personal. This is strange for me as I do not have close friends. Especially female friends. I have my submissives, lovers, you guys, and my fellow goddesses and that is it. I do not really do much personal stuff with my neighbors. Well unless you count impact play as personal. She began to tell me that her and her husband have not had sex in a long time and now he will not even let her see him naked.

I thought about how just a week ago I was beating the shit out of him.

I knew it was my fault. So, we sat on the couch and talked and drank. We talked and drank some more until the bottle was completely empty. She was talking about how lonely she was and suddenly, she kissed me. Now this female was not unattractive, but I had never noticed her in that way. She always seemed like such a prude. She has a short bob, like a Karen haircut, that is blonde. Pamela wears glasses which is kind of hot and she never ever wears heels. She is always in tennis shoes. Her breasts are large, larger than mine, but not nearly as perky and she has a giant ass. She does have these amazing blue eyes though.

Anyway, so she started kissing me.

I stop her and make sure that this is her consenting and not just some tipsy misadventure. I had been wanting female attention but still wanted to verify. She shook her head and said, “you are so beautiful, and I just want to be with you.” I took that as consent and kissed her deeply. Our deep kisses began to get more passionate and hotter. My blue polka dots thongs began to get moist with anticipation. She was layered with clothing, so it took me forever to shed the layers. Finally, I got down to a red lace bra. I was rather shocked to find such a fiery bra on her. She could see my shock and said, “I may have planned on this happening. I have wanted you for a while now.”

I unclasped her DD bra and began to suck upon her nipples. She moaned with pleasure.

Per usual when the kids are gone I was wearing next to nothing. So, it was easy to strip me down to my blue polka dot panties and blue lace bra. There we were. Her topless wearing nothing but her bikini red lace panties and me with my bra and panties on. We paused for a moment. Two females ready and waiting.  Then I asked to ensure that she was okay with what was about to happen. The woman nodded her head, and I began to thrust my tongue in her mouth. Tasting her sweet lips and hoping to taste more as the evening progressed.


Do you want to hear more about my neighbor’s wife and me? Tune in on Wednesday for more. If you cannot wait, then purchase my audio recording and hear all the sultry details from my own voice. Don’t forget to check out last weeks blog about what happened with her husband.

Spankings and Kisses,



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