Girl Next Door – The Day I Slept With My Neighbor Part 1

I’ve been living in this house for as long as I can remember, and growing up, I always had a major thing for my next-door neighbor. He’s a few years older than me, he’s kind of nerdy-looking, but I like nerdy guys.

There’s just something about him I just find so hot and attractive.

Believe it or not, even though I’m about 6 years younger than my neighbor is, we fuck almost every night. In fact, he and I have been fucking each other for the past 3 years now. I know that probably seems a bit crazy. But his cock so far is the best cock I ever had, I could never get rid of it. Before you ask me the question of how a guy like him could even remotely be interested in fucking a girl like me, I’ll save you the trouble and tell you the detailed version of the story.

As I said, this story goes back about 3 years. I know I was young, but when it comes to sex, I started learning early on, so I guess you could say I was experienced.

I was actually home alone that night, and I was just looking for something to do. Somehow, I had ended up at my neighbor’s house, we were close, and I ended up hanging out there pretty often, especially when home alone. They’ve always treated me like family, and I was super close with all of them, especially the guy in my story. 

I had gone over there to hang out like I usually do. Hanging out for us, for the most part, consists of junk food, some good movies, and sometimes some video games. I was hanging out with my neighbor and his younger sister, and we decided to play some Mario Cart. He had started to be extra nice to me, like letting me win and stuff, and he kept making some very forward comments. I was so confused because he has never shown this side of himself to me before, but I liked where things were heading.

After playing a few rounds of Mario Cart, his sister had left us alone and went to her room, leaving just the two of us.

Sitting in awkward silence for a few seconds, I give him a soft smile. My neighbor inches a bit closer to where I’m sitting, returning with a smile back. Locking his eyes on me, I began to lick my lips as I inched myself a bit closer to him. 

Leaning in forward, he began to kiss me. My entire body just moving close, getting caught up in the moment as our lips touched. Kissing each other deeply and passionately, eventually having him work his way down.

We knew what we were doing was wrong, but at this point, neither of us wanted to be right. I had a feeling that the night was only getting started.

Check back on Thursday to see what happens in my girl next door blog. Or, give my audio blog a listen. I hope you like it! You could also read about Taylor’s first time using sex toys.

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