Girl next door ,Mia seduces her neighbour part 2

I lay awake all night, just reliving the sex I had with Mr. G. Oh my, he fucked me so good. I still feel
the sensation of his cock inside of me. Thinking of him and being his naughty girl next door made me hot and I took deep heavy breaths. My tits began to ache and I rubbed them gently. My pussy yearned to be fucked over and over by him. I knew this was the start of a new beautiful relationship, even I was just his slut whore. I could live with that. He could teach me so much, and I was eager to learn. I gave myself to him, and he could do as he pleases with me. I whispered out loud, “fuck your little slut whore, fuck me good” dreaming that he could hear these words.

The next day after school I yearned to go next door again. Was it too soon? I was so horny I really
want a good fuck again. I came home from school and changed. I was wearing a short black jean skirt
and a pink crop top. I loved this top because it barely covered my tits. I made sure Ms. G and her white
Benz was gone, and I walked up to the front door. Before I could ring the bell, the door opened. I
stepped inside and the door suddenly closed behind me. In an instant, an arm was around my neck.
Ooooooo this excited me.

I felt his heavy breathing on my neck, as Mr. G’s body was pressed up against mine.

“Mia, my little slut whore… You back for more?” I nodded my head and stood there frozen. His arm
came around my waist and his strong hands slid up under my top. He grabbed hold of my titties while
biting the side of my neck. I stepped apart with my legs, as my pussy was getting hot and wet. I felt him
up against me, and his big cock was bulging from his pants and into my back. Mmmmmm I reached my
hand back to rub his cock, and as I did so he lowered his hands. He moved slowly, caressing my smooth
young body, but with a purpose to grab hold of my hot wet pussy. His hand was between my legs, and his fingers inside of me. I moaned with pleasure, it felt so good. He took his fingers out and forced them
back in, then he brought them to my lips. I sucked on them and licked them with my wet tongue. He whispered in my ear,

“you little slut whore, I want to suck your tight pink pussy,

then I’m going to fuck you hard. Your pussy is mine, and I’m going to fill you with my cum”. He led me to the bedroom, where he stripped down, and I removed my clothes. I took off my top, and my titties and hard nipples gently bounced. I undid my skirt and let it fall to the ground. He came to me and pushed me onto the bed. I lay motionless on my back, feeling totally exposed. From there he grabbed my legs and spread them wide open. Mmmmmm my pussy was so wet. He went down on me and with his tongue, he licked my pussy juice. Omg, my body quivered.

He kept calling me his dirty little slut whore. I loved that title. His tongue was in my pussy and I got more and more excited. He sucked me so strong and good. He flicked his tongue, and it excited me, making me wetter. I was sweating and could hardly catch my breath. Every time he slid his tongue into my pussy, I held my breath. I held his head tight, and he just loved eating my hot little pussy. I wanted to explode and squirt my juices into his mouth. Once he got his fill, he proceeded to climb on top of me. His hot sweaty body against mine. I could feel his hard cock against my body.

He held my legs up and wide open, and then rammed his big hard cock into me.

I screamed since he was so big for my tight pussy and told him to “fuck me harder. It felt so good, being fucked by a real man.” Over and over, he continued ramming me. I couldn’t move with
his body on top of mine. “You fucking little slut whore, I’m going to rip your pussy apart. Your pussyhole is mine, I’m going to fuck you good.” I answered him, begging him to fuck me hard and harder. He was all inside of me. His balls slapped my ass as he fucked my pussy. The harder he went, the more I hurt and
the more I wanted. He went faster ramming me over and over nonstop.

His head came down and he began to suck on my titties. He bit onto my hard nipples and yanked at them with his teeth. He sucked them hard, and my nipples hurt, but the sensation only made me wetter and hornier. “You ready for my cum you little slut whore, I’m going to cum all over your face. “He shot his cum across my face. I ran my tongue along my lips taking in his cum and swallowing it. Mmmmmm he tasted so sweet.

Girl Next Door

As I lay there, my pussy feeling so sore and raw, I asked if I could next time bring a surprise along. “I’m
your little slut whore, but wouldn’t you like to fuck two pussyholes?” I had someone in mind, she was so sweet and innocent. He told me “I would love to fuck my little slut whore, and have another whore to make mine. I want to watch you, Mia, as you suck her pussy and ass, and then I want to ram you both so hard. You’ll be my little whore, and she’ll be my young slut.” I left with the excitement of telling my friend, now I just had to convince her that being with an older man’s slut is a dream come true.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about my latest adventure with the sexy older neighbour and his girl next door Mia!  Come back next Friday for more dirty tales!!

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