Now for the exciting part two of my giantess fantasy story!

It was while I was undressing that he finally seemed to calm down. Strange how a naked woman can do that to a man. He worked his way along my arm to my shoulder, then aimed right for my chest. My breasts must have looked like mountains to him, yet he managed to climb them. I told him he’d be spending a lot of time between those breasts when he rode around in my bra. He seemed utterly entranced by the idea of being against the soft skin all the time. Once he managed to get to the peak, he clung to my nipple, rubbing himself against the mound that was one third his height now. I couldn’t help but moan as I felt him do that. Oh, yes, once he got over the initial shock, he would be perfect for this!

He grew to enjoy living with me and being taken care of and placed in the dollhouse each night. We even came up with some naughty games to play. I would drop him between my spread open legs and he would rub my clit with both hands, like he was washing a window or something. The first time he did it, he said that my clit was about the size of a basketball. At least, from his perspective. He did a pretty good job considering he was only two inches high. Maybe it was how unique the whole thing felt, but every tiny touch felt magnified. 

Next, he tried to crawl inside my pussy.

I took over for him on my clit as he pressed inside of me, squirming around. Later, he told me that he had managed to find my g-spot, and that’s what he had been playing with, but all I knew was that he was inside of me, making me feel amazing. I tried to warn him that I was going to come, but he didn’t seem to be able to hear me- or maybe he didn’t care. With a scream, I came hard and felt him shoot right out of my pussy and land on the mattress in a puddle! I sat up just in time to watch his little hand stroke his cock to the point of spilling a tiny spurt of semen onto my sheets. It was everything I had hoped for from this giantess fantasy.

He has started initiating sex these days instead of waiting for me. I’ll feel him move from his spot between my breasts to somewhere inside of my bra or anywhere he can climb to from where he’s been riding. At that point, I know I have just a few moments before he starts to torture some small sensitive part, so I try to get myself alone. Well, at least long enough to get him into my panties before anything else! We have tried all sorts of different types of motions for him to do inside of me when we’re playing. I find that my favorite is when he wiggles his body side to side as hard as he can.

We have been having all sorts of fun.

It is so much fun having a little man to play with and carry around and no one knows about it. While he has admitted that he misses being able to eat a pussy properly, he also agreed that being able to climb inside of me more than makes up for it. It is our little secret. If I ever tire of having him to toy with, I guess I might just have to get around to creating a serum to reverse it, but not yet. I’m having fun at the moment, and so is he.

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