We’re in for a big surprise! Join me on this giantess fantasy.

I was always good at chemistry and enjoyed experimenting with various types of potions. I told everyone I had a special breed of dog that stayed puppy-sized, but what they don’t know is that he used to be a full-grown dog until I gave him a few drops of the potion I concocted. It made him shrink. I decided to do something very naughty to a man I had a crush on. He was single, with no family, so no one would really miss him if he disappeared. He was the perfect choice for a purse pet. I invited him over one night for drinks. Normal enough of course. What he didn’t know however was that his drink was drugged with the shrinking potion I’d come up with. 

We talked for a while and enjoyed the dinner I had prepared.

I confess I couldn’t stop looking at his wine glass, wondering just when he was going to drink from it. It wasn’t until halfway through the meal that he finally did, and by the time our plates were clean, so was his glass empty. 

He said he felt a little funny after I gave him a couple of dosed glasses, so I encouraged him to lay down until he felt better. Did he ever get the shock of his life when he woke up twelve hours later and he was a mere two inches tall. I had moved him from the couch into my bedroom so that I could watch over him in the tiny little bed that I had created. He slept soundly to the point where I decided to bring him closer to me once I was awake myself. I must have looked like a giant to him when he woke up. He began to scream when he saw me looking at him in the middle of the pillow I’d placed him on. You could hardly hear a thing though. He hardly made any noise at all he was so little.

I explained what I’d done to him and how he was going to now be my purse pet and I would carry him around with me in the hollow of my bra. I had bought a little dollhouse in anticipation of his arrival. He had even commented on it when he came in and saw it. Thinking I was glad he liked it since it was to be his new home, I had grinned. I got undressed and laid on the bed beside the pillow he was on and picked him up and told him to run all over me.

To Be Continued…

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