Giantess Fantasy – My Dollhouse – Age Play Story Pt 2

It’s so exciting living out a giantess fantasy because that’s exactly what I was to my dolls.

I moaned softly while my doll squeezed and rubbed my button. It just popped right out for him and my insides started getting so wet. Then, he reached down with his other hand, too. That was when it started feeling extra good.

But, I knew what would make it feel even better. I put a little drop of lube onto my finger and passed it down to my doll. He took it in his hands and rubbed it all over my button. My hips moved rhythmically in time with his rubbing.

I could feel my core starting to grow tighter. Before I knew it, I was all messy between my legs. My core relaxed but it was only for a moment. The doll slid down onto the bed between my legs. He got onto his knees and then I felt him crawling inside me.

My doll slipped inside me so easily because I was so wet down there.

He crawled around until he found that special spot I have inside. When he found it, he started punching it.

All of my muscles down there started tightening and relaxing so fast. My mouth fell open as his fists pounded it harder and faster. I could feel his tiny feet digging into the softness of my insides. It was like he was trying to stretch me open.

But, it felt amazing. My moans got louder the closer I was to making a huge mess. I couldn’t take it anymore. When I was done leaking my warm, sticky, sweet juices, I looked between my legs. I saw my doll laying on my blanket and he was covered with my mess. It was all over his face and chest and, well, everywhere. He looked like he took a shower in it.

That sounded perfect. A shower. I picked him up and cradled my little doll in my hand as I made my way to the bathroom. We showered off and got nice and clean before bed.


I felt so antsy all weekend. All I wanted was to spend more time with my doll. So, when Monday morning came around, I decided to take him with me. But, I didn’t put him in my backpack. No, I put him inside of me.

Before I slid my panties on under my plaid skirt, I snatched him up. I “borrowed” some more lube from the parentals and coated him with the stuff. After that, it was so easy to slide him inside.

Then, I put my panties on over my entrance so he wouldn’t fall out.

There! He was nice and cozy deep inside of me, moving around, squirming, and making my panties get super wet and messy.

Every break between periods, I’d run to the bathroom so he could breathe fresh air for a few minutes. Lunchtime was the most fun, though. I played with my doll under the picnic table while I hung out with my girlfriends. They talked and I just sat there wiggling in my seat, feeling him pushing against me.

I let him come out for a little bit so he could rub my button. It was so hard not to make any noise. But, every single place I sat that day had white spots left behind. It was the best Monday ever.

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