Giantess Fantasy – My Dollhouse – Age Play Story Pt 1

Growing up, I’ve always had a thing for dolls. So, this giantess fantasy has a little age play twist to it. I figured it would be something different, unique, and fun. So, let’s start this story off on a rainy day.

I loved taking care of my dolls. They’re spoiled in a huge house with nice furniture. The pool always had freshwater and the fridge was always full. But, these aren’t your ordinary dolls.

About a year ago, I discovered I had a cool power. One day, I was really mad at my neighbor because he stole my Barbie car and broke it! Honestly, I don’t really know what happened. All I knew was I was red in the face and he started getting smaller. He was so tiny I could fit him in Barbie’s car. That made me giggle. Ever since then, I’ve been collecting dolls I think are cute.

My dollhouse was full of them. Most of them are men, but I had a few girls, too. Some of them were my age, but most of them were older, like way older. Well, way older than me but they’re not wrinkly.

It was rainy out and there was nothing to do.

None of my friends were outside and the parental units were out on date night. I was all by myself and left to my own devices. So, I figured I’d spend some time with one of my favorite dolls.

He was one of the older ones and he had kind of a biker, bad boy, punk look to him. I was so excited to play with him because he knew how to make my body feel so good. At first, none of them wanted to play with me like that, but after I showed them who was in charge, they decided to play along.

So, I took off my little uniform from school and got everything ready. I went into the parental units’ bedroom and took a few things I needed. It wasn’t stealing. I was gonna put them back. A dildo and some lube were all I needed for my playdate.

I took them back to my room and found my doll sleeping on his bed. Using my pointer finger, I gently shook him awake. He sat up and rubbed his eyes. I smiled down at him with lube in hand. He didn’t look too happy, but he obediently got out of bed wearing nothing but his boxers.

I scooped him up into the palm of my hand and carried him to my bed. This was going to be a fun Friday night after all and I had all the time in the world to enjoy myself.

I sat down on my bed and adjusted my pillows so I could lay in a reclining position instead of flat on my back. Then, I set my favorite doll down onto my belly.

“You know what to do,” I giggled.

My center started to clench as he crawled down my belly toward the apex of my legs. He knew exactly what he was doing and that was another reason why he was my favorite.

I spread my legs apart. My doll got onto his belly and reached down. I wanted to help so I did, too. My pointer and middle finger spread my lips apart so his hand could reach my button. Things were about to get a whole lot better.


To Be Continued…


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