Ghost Sex Most erotic anonymous sex now and forevermore. Part 1

Have you ever fantasized about having ghost sex, Well here you go, just in time for Halloween!

Driving home from my girlfriends’ house at 10 pm on a chilly October evening. There is a full moon out tonight and my car just quit. This is just FANTASTIC! Just my luck and I am still 5 miles from home. No cell phone signal and no cars in sight. Well, I guess my only option is to start walking and hope a car comes along.

So I grab my purse and start the long trek down the deserted country road. Well, at least it is not raining. I have been walking for about 20 minutes when I start to approach an old graveyard. Funny I don’t remember ever seeing that before, I thought to myself as I start to walk past it. The tombstones look very old and some of them are falling apart and some have even been knocked over. Now I have never been superstitious or wary of things like this in the past, but for some reason, the hair on the back of my neck was standing up.

 My pace quickens because I want to get past this old graveyard asap.

I just don’t want to run into any spirits! I am about halfway past it when a gust of wind blows up and I start to hear things. Not really voices, I am not sure what it is. Then the smell hits me, the smell of death or decay or something rotting. I start to jog a little when all of a sudden the heal of my shoe breaks causing me to fall. Damm, this is just crazy.

Are you all right? It was a male voice, I searched the darkness to see who it was and my eyes fell upon a great looking guy about 6-foot tall dark hair, great build, and his features were hidden by the darkness. Yeah, I think so, my car broke down about a mile back and now my shoe broke, not a great night. I stood up and he took a step towards me. I would like to be of assistance, I do not have a car, but I could offer you a rest in my house over the hill there.

Do you have a phone I could use? Sure he said at the house. I was just a little leary, but what choice did I have, I hope he is not fucking with me.  We walked over the hill in silence to his house, my God, What a house! It looked more like a castle!~ Why didn’t I ever see this house before?

As we entered the house, I had a feeling of dread.

It was very cold inside and I then noticed that my rescuer, did not have a face. That’s right, no face, just a black empty hole! I started to scream, turn and run when the door slammed shut. I was trapped!

Try not to be scared, the guy said, I just need something from you and then you can be on your way. What do you want? As you know Halloween is only a couple of days away and if I do not find someone to have ghost sex with before midnight on Halloween night I will not be able to return to my grave and will have to wonder all year long.

Is he kidding? You hear about things like this in old horror movies, but here I am living it! I have to get out of here, NOW! I start running around trying to find another door, and this asshole spirit starts laughing at me! It is no use, you will not find another exit anywhere, you will be my prisoner until I release you in the morning! I need you for your body, then you may leave it is as simple as that.

What can I do, I am trapped!

Well at least he has a great body, but GOD, no face! I can do this, I have to do this. I don’t have a choice. He comes up behind me at that point and puts his hands on my shoulders and tells me to relax and he will make sure that I have a good time.

He then picks me up like I weigh nothing and carries me up a very grand staircase. We end up in a beautiful bedroom, with a great big canopy bed in the middle of the room covered with furs and pillows. Is this for real? There is also a fireplace in the bedroom with a roaring fire in it. I am gently placed on the bed and he proceeds to remove all my clothes. The room is very warm and the furs are so soft, I could get used to this.

Please do not try to escape your attempts will be useless. He turns his back and starts to take his clothes off. As I watch, I realize, there is nothing under the clothes, I mean I guess this is the invisible man or something! I am starting to freak out now! As if he sensed what I was thinking he tried to reassure me and said that he was still here and that mortals cannot see him. Not until he fulfills his obligations of fucking with a mortal before midnight.

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