GFE VR Game Sex- Do You Want Play A Game? Part 4

This gfe vr game sex experience is amazing! As we approached the tall wooden bird statue, we see that it  starts to glimmer in light. I walked up to the statute and ran my hands over the birds beak and craved feathers. The wood Amazonian birch and it felt so real. Looking into the glass eyes it appeared semi-hypnotics. They eyes seemed to be made of glass but they memorizing to the point they might be mystical. It drawn me in to touch in. You reached to stop me by grabbing my wrist. I paused and turned to you and said, “This could be the clue.” Releasing my wrist so I used my two fingers and poked inside the eye. As I poked inside the part that I thought was glass changed into an thick goo that surrounded my finger as I moved my fingers through it.

Feeling a paper like object I started to pull it out. Therefore, I was a folded piece of paper that said, “Those worthy will be sacrificed to the Red Goddess, she is the waning and waxing of the Moon and to all her children for the chalice” We look at each other and say how ominous this sounded. On the little papyrus paper it also had symbol on it that was a golden jaguar. Pulling back out the map we see a no jaguar symbol. Disbelief, I see a huge rock formation shaped like jaguar with an open mouth. “I think I found our next destination babii.” Charging head we reach the rock formation just as the sun was sun setting. We decided to make camp right there so we can have a first start for the underground cave. Taking some dry stick and old vines to build a fire.

We burnt a fire

Taking out our emergency blanket for cover we sit close to each other and the fire. Additionally we used warm packs and snuggled and talked about how excited we are to get to this chalice I felt a hand stroke me on the thigh and I asked you if it was you and you said no. You asked me was I caressing your back and I replied no. Knocking the chill off of us we got into our sleeping bags. As I drifted off to sleep I started to feel something unzip my sleeping and pull down my panties. I was in the mode of REM sleep where I could not move so I could not open my eyes or see who or what was taking over me.

Spirit started to make tongue motion and feeling on my clit. Tightening the wetness began to relax my muscle in my pussy. Moaning I get aroused and my body vibrates with excitement. As if three fingers were diving inside my pussy while a thumb was rubbing the outside of my clit. Meanwhile, a Spirit is grasping your cock and drooling all over it. You heard gagging and spitting noises as something licked up your precum. Unlike a real tongue it made your body tremble. I was cumming repeatedly in my sleep bag and so we’re you too. When we woke the next morning the strange spirit was gone.

I hope you enjoyed our gfe vr game sex fantasy!  If you love stories like mine, then check out my favorite Goddess Willow here

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