GFE VR Game Sex- Do You Want Play A Game? Part 3

In the morning we woke the next morning in an entanglement of 4 other villagers. We felt the energy of love and desire leave us as we walk naked to the river to bathe before putting on our hiking clothes. You scanned my body seeing how beautiful and shimmering I was in the light of the sun your cock got a little hard. This VR world feels so real the warmth and the brightness of the sun almost blinded me as I stared straight at it. Every part of last night felt so real. The wetness, the warmth of pressure of each person’s skin as we exchange kisses and fluids. We went back to our medium size hut and got dressed. We came to the village wise chief again to get more knowledge of our journey.

She said, “Your journey will be full of love, desire, and temptation. There will be things are not real or having to solve the riddle of life.” That seemed very ominous to say that would experience even more things that are not real since we are in a virtual reality game. Bending over to lace up my hiking boots you looked at the map for our first key marker. Reading the writing on the legend it says, “It’s the greatest cruelty of life…that we are swiftly taken from it, we age, we decay and we die a bitter existence what do we leave behind.” We look at each thinking maybe this evolves ghost. We both chuckled at the thought of having sex with a ghost. You press the inventory button to access what we already have in our backpack. “Reincarnation Research”  file.

Immorality life or eternal death

With a flick of the wrist, it falls into my hand and we began to flip through. Various pictures of knights, waterfall, and the Aztec golden sun symbol are file. As we walk towards the path labeled jungle I read through the material to see where are we headed next. Walking through fallen branches, muddy earth and still crawling vines the path was not easy, to say the least. I even scratched my leg on thorn flower and it hurt so bad in real life. We stopped and you pressed the button to get our medi-life to repair my leg. Even with that, a scar was still visible.

So where we are trying Maya pyramid inside some sort of cave. As I was sharing the file with you someone came up behind us screaming, “Take them to the bird!” Startled I looked down at the file and saw the bird of Abius.

You dropped the map quickly cause you said you burnt yourself. Me picking up the map from one of the ends I saw a bird sigil glow on the map. The tribal man who had said take them to the bird had disappeared. “That is what I guess she meant by things showing up and disappearing,” I said looking at you. So I guess we can go that this way towards the bird statute for the next clue or riddle.


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