GFE VR Game Sex- Do You Want Play A Game? Part 2

It is customary to take off your clothes to sleep because it is so hot and let the energy of love enveloping you. As we laid in bed and began to feel on each other sensually. You said I felt some amazing and sexually energy. As your cock pulsated against my ass, Arching my back to present my ass and pussy for serving. Kissing me from mouth to butt and my clit.  Taking you cock you use the head to massage the outside of my but hole. Sliding the head into my butt hole I grasped at how big it was going in. Placing your hands on my hips, you began to thrust your cock into deep into my ass. The pleasure and pressure you are going in and out of my whole felt so real. Animalistic you flipped me over, you suck and lick on my breast and nipples.

Making out with my clit I began to moan. Sounds of your cock against my wetness was making me even more turned on. Thrusting hard into my pussy I began to cream and squirt all over your cock. Climaxing, I noticed you were still hard as a rock with cum dripping off your cock. Bending down I licked the cum off and preceded to kiss you. Looking towards the panel entrance we see one of the male and female villagers come into completely naked. The woman kissed me softly while caressing my breast while she used her right hand to stroke your cock. Villager male started to stroke his cock getting visibly excited by watching us interact with each other. His eyes rolled in the back of his head, and he moaned.  You saw it as a sign that he craved more action.

Sexual desire enveloped us all

You got underneath the female villager and started to lick and suck her clit while her sucking my breast became more intense. Being fully turned on the male villager began to kiss me and reach his finger inside my pussy and began to finger me. I was creaming all over his finger as he kisses my more passionately to muffle my moans. You coming up behind the female villager who was kissing me you start to kiss and lick her ass on your bend knees.  Tasting every bit of her skin you became to moan, wanting to join more into this lovely orgy. Shifting her back and hips down, you open her ass cheeks up and massage your cock on her butt hole. Just putting the head in she grasp sucking my nipples hard. Shoving your delicious cock inside of her butt hole you thrust with such power and intention.

Switching from her butt hole to her pussy and go town because she was already wet from your anal penetration. She was cumming on your cock over and over you said, “I feel you cum on that cock, it grabs so tight.” The orgy continued all night long switch partners and positions. Another couple coming in and joining the fun. We fucked until morning, little did we know this sexual desire was only the first part of our journey.

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